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Posted on April 16, 2008 by jimparedes
Apr 15, ’08 10:29 AM
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Got a shock today when I went to the Filipino store near my house called Masagana at Glenwood NSW to buy a 30 kilo sack of rice. Since last week, the price had increased by 8 dollars. Whaaaat the…? I was able to get the rice for 38 AUD since I am a suki. The woman in the store said that rice is going as as high as 42 AUD in Blacktown these days. My God, I thought Australia was inured from the rice crisis. I guess it’s really a world-wide shortage.

Prices here,as in everywhere else are going up too, although much slower than in places like the Philippines. It’s scary when you think that food riots kicked out the Prime Minister of Haiti, and people in other countries are gearing up for riots and discontent too. The idea alone of food riots sounds so quaint. It suggests a time dating back to Marie Antoinette. And yet it is happening in some places again.

A lot of the increase in the price of rice it seems is caused by all these ricelands everywhere being converted to bio-fuels. It’s a crazy world when you think that we are giving up food so we can use ethanol in our cars. That’s why I am not such a great believer in the ‘free market’. Capitalism, while it has its virtues must be consciously directed to benefit everyone. The Right now, the poor are the ones who will suffer the most in this globalized set-up.

In many ways, I get the feeling that fewer and fewer social systems in the world are working well. Perhaps we are in the cusp of a new age where things will have to change dramatically. We have to stop thinking of ourselves as solely being citizens of countries and begin to think of everyone as world citizens who must be clothed, fed, educated, house, and given employment, etc.

* * *
My son Mio came home the other day and asked his mother to cut his long dreadlocks! All I could say was, ‘finally!’ But I guess I spoke too soon. It seems he just cut it a little shorter.

He’s always wanted dreads so badly. He’s had it for about 4 months now but I think he’s finally getting tired of it. Will post a picture when his shorter hair looks more settled!

* * *

Been doing a lot of writing lately. Aside from this blog and my Humming In My Universe column for Philippine Star, and my Travel and Leisure column in Hills News in Sydney, I keep a regular blog going at kamusta.com. It’s a kick-ass site for everything OFW. There are blogs, downloads, forums, free advice on family matters, money, adjusting to one’s new place, etc. and many more. It’s still new but we hope to make it grow really big soon. Do visit.

* * *

The cold is beginning to set in here in Sydney. While officially it is still fall, I am finding myself in a sweater almost all day and heating the electric blanket before I sleep. It is still pleasant now but I am glad I will be back in hot and humid Manila when winter sets in. And from all indications, it will look like an early winter!

When I moved in here, I discovered that one must have wardrobes for almost every season. That’s quite a revelation for a tshirt and jeans guy like myself. People who live under 4 seasons have a more exciting sartorial experience since they get to wear different sets of clothes at different times of the year. In Manila, it’s basically hot or cool, or rainy and dry, and there’a hardly any change in what you wear either way save for a raincoat or an umbrella.

My daughter Ala has boots, and winter stuff which she always looks good in. I’m glad I bought a nice and warm winter jacket in Greenhills before I came here, although it’s still quite early for it. It will be just right for wearing by around mid-June.

* * *

I heard the sad news that a friend of mine Alex Ty, 47, died last Sunday night of kidney cancer. Although I knew he was sick and was purposely not returning calls or texts weeks before he died, it still came as a shock to me. That night, I prayed for him before I slept and still do at different times of the day.

Alex, I am sad that you have left us and i am sure your family is even sadder. I am in Sydney now and will not be able o attend your wake. I know that you are free from pain now and secure in God’s loving arms. Farewell bro! See you again someday.

* * *


Doing an excercise!

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The next TCU Workshop will be held on May 12-16, and May 19, 7 to 9 p.m., at 113 B. Gonzales, Loyola Heights, Quezon City. The total session cost is P5,000.

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Write me at emailjimp@gmail.com for a syllabus or call 426-5375 or +63916-8554303 for any other queries!

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  1. Miles says:

    Ha!ha!ha! that’s the nicest pic ever! natatakot na akong pumunta dyan, baka kalbuhin ako ni Lydia!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY kay Ala mamaya.


  2. benign0 says:

    I think history has proven that it is a pointless exercise to go up against the law of supply and demand.

    As rich nations rachet up their appetite for fuel to power their SUV’s, “creative” solutions to this start to encroach on commodities that happen to fuel human beings.

    Then again, maybe the only time precious capital starts to get channeled into developing farms is when said farms become more profitable than malls.

    By the way, check out our latest video masterpiece on YouTube:

    The Philippines after Ninoy Aquino: What has changed?

    Ninoy Aquino made the “ultimate sacrifice”. Was it worth it? What has changed? What are we doing differently? If we are still up to the same things, how do we expect different results?

    Click here to check it out!

  3. Jet says:

    *hikbi* I want a TCU workshop!

  4. Susan says:

    Dear Mr. Jim
    recently, I have been listening to fora and i get the impression that there is no rice crisis in the Philippines,
    but more accurately, there is Rice Price crisis!
    rice is available only for the moneyed-ones who can afford to hoard, while the less fortunate ones who cannot are forced to line up along Visayas ave everyday for a limited 3 kilos of NFA rice per day per family.
    When this news of rice crisis flooded the front pages, Lozada’s crusade for speaking out the truth easily persuaded to forget our idealism for the search of truth and divert our attention to the basic concerns of food security issue.
    just sharing thoughts on the marriage of rice price hike and political strategies. . .

  5. ponga says:

    sir jim,

    kumusta.com cannot open

  6. eman says:

    I agree that there is a PRICE crisis not a rice crisis. Everything has gone up so ridiculously, how can people survive?
    From fuel to electricity to water to food to tuition to government fees to taxes to kickbacks to housing to clothing to everything.

    GREED is indeed very powerful.

  7. ponga says:

    sir jim,

    ayaw po mag open ng kumusta.com

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