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APO bids farewell..

Posted on January 13, 2010 by jimparedes

Yes, it is true. The TV news said it right.

APO is winding down. We, (Jim, Danny and Boboy) announced that we have decided to stop performing, recording and singing together.

We are doing our last Valentines show this Feb 13 at SMX in Mall of Asia. We still have other concerts to do before and after Valentines but only until end of May. If you can, do catch the last few shows we will be doing abroad and around the Philippines. The Last Shows will be at the end of May probably in a small venue. Right now, we don’t want the stress of a big show and may do a few small ones instead. We want to enjoy it till the end. More on this soon.

The next few months will be our last opportunities to perform for you. I hope you can catch one of our shows because we really enjoy surprising and delighting you. We promise they will be the best shows ever.

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  1. gail says:

    awww…. hope i can catch even just one of your shows. i have watched you guys just once. πŸ™

  2. siyetehan says:

    i guess we just have to rely on cds after your retirement.

    i do hope i could catch on your show on the 13th.

  3. charm says:

    I feel so sad upon reading that APO bids farewell… =(

  4. Nicquee says:

    awwww. I will definitely catch your show.

  5. gen says:

    Soo sad! The APO is already an institution in the music industry in our country. To a Filipino, APO’s bidding farewell is equivalent to Michael Jackson’s demise:(

  6. tocampo says:

    I grew up with your songs and during the 80s, your music and shows ignited “a love for our country”, and opened up the eyes of the youth!

    Wala kayong katulad. Ngayon, mas marami kabataan ang gusto sa music ng panahon ngayon, pero ang mga kantang ito hindi nagmamarka talaga sa puso at isipan ng tao. Ang awitin ninyo, pang habang buhay!

    I wish you could do a show in Atlantic City, USA, before you make your final bow..for people in the East Coast

  7. joemill says:

    one word. LEGENDS. πŸ™‚

  8. mitzi says:

    That’s sad news, even if I know all about all good things having to come to an end. I’ve never watched you guys live, so I better make this part of my life experiences. Your songs are included in the soundtrack of my life.

  9. what a wonderful experience for you all, to choose the time when you can bid adieu to the fans and supporters. Thus will end a long and glorious chapter. I think those shows will be fantastic. Enjoy them Jim. I will be looking forward to witnessing the next chapter!

  10. Mara says:

    I hope you can do a show in San Francisco or Sacramento for us Filipinos living in Northern California. πŸ™‚

  11. Patrick says:

    I love your songs and your shows – whether on TV or on stage. Will definitely want to catch some of your next performances this year.

  12. Liya says:

    I was born in the 90’s, but your music was so timeless that up til now, I have your songs on my ipod. You guys are legends in the music industry, idols because you were the epitome of an artist: socially responsible, and your feet still planted on the ground.

    The only time I got to watch you guys was during the concert for Noynoy in the UP theater, and I do wish I’d be able to catch you guys another time, because you guys were wonderful, both as performers and individual people.

    I’m happy to have witnessed this part of your journey!

  13. charm says:

    aww πŸ™
    super nalungkot ako sa balitang yun.
    bata pa lang ako .. favorite ko na ang APO 😐
    manunuod talaga ako ng show nila this valentines.

  14. amiable amy says:

    Hi Mr. Jim,
    Just dropping by and read your latest posts and my first time to leave a comment. Your Website is in my interesting link list too for months. Anyway, this is a sad news indeed. I never saw you perform live even in CDO but, I am a fan of your group. The late Fr. Cuna and Prof. Lino Abrio (XU-Ateneo de Cagayan) had spoken highly of you in my college years. This is sad news for us (fans) but, we will continue praying what’s best for the three of you. I will remain a fan of your group.

  15. Lou Blinco says:

    and I’m still waiting for your concert Down Under…please-please-please. πŸ™‚

  16. Arnulfo Cruz says:

    Sad to read the news that my favorite APO is breaking up. But I sort of expected it just because there is always an end to everything. And you guys have determined the end has come for you to bid farewell to us, your fans, to the world and among yourselves.

    Honestly, I never seen a pinoy pop group of musicians of your caliber and class. Indeed, you were and will always be a class act not parallelled by any pinoy pop group.

    I am one of your fans and will always be…

  17. Elaine Gonda says:

    Hi Mr Jim Paredes,

    I’ve always been a fan of APO ever since I was a kid. My dad introduced me to your songs as well as my younger siblings who also learnt your songs by heart. I am 24 by the way and eldest in a brood of four.

    I also admire your passion to serve the country notwithstanding your status as celebrities. Your continuous desire to cultivate the Filipino culture and music, most importantly.

    When I read the news that this is going to be you final year to perform, it dawned on me regrets of not having the opportunity to watch your concerts and it saddens me more that I wont get to watch your last few concerts there in the Philippines.

    Isa pong karangalang maihayag ang saloobin ko dito mismo sa blogsite niyo. Sana po ay magkaroon pa kayo ng pagkakataong makabisita dito sa Singapore para sa isang concert bago man lamang po kayo mamaalam sa industriya ng musika sa ating bansa.

    You are an insipiration to every Filipino and you will always be a legend to our Philippine Music. God Bless APO Hiking Society

  18. jimparedes says:

    Elaine–Thank you for your wonderful words.

    To everyone, parting is indeed such sweet sorrow. I hope you can catch some of our closing shows. They will be the best! We can’t thank you any other way.

  19. Lhai says:

    We will surely miss you, APO Hiking Society. I watched your show in Araneta before, it was THE BEST SHOW in my
    34 years of existence. Your music is the epitomy of what
    an OPM song should be. Good Luck to your individual endeavor. More Power to each and one of you!

  20. Reymos says:

    Thank you for sharing your talents to Pinoys and to all music lovers around the world. Good luck to all of you!

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