The weather, Commander Biatch and one hand clapping..

This summer in Australia doesn’t seem like a summer at all. It feels like a mild rainy season in the Philippines here in Sydney. Everyday now for almost a week, we’ve been getting rain daily in different doses at different times of the day. Or maybe I should compare the weather to Melbourne where the locals like to say they have 4 seasons A DAY! For one, we’ve been having warm and cold spells, sunny, cloudy and rainy times everyday. Crazy.

I should still be thankful though that New South Wales is not having he weather beating thah Queensland is getting these past few days. They are currently under 18 meters of flood water. It just crept so suddenly no one was aware that it had turned into an inland tsunami. The disaster area covers the size of Germany and France combined! Crazy. It makes Typhoon Ondoy in the Philippines look rather tame.

I am really convinced Mother Nature has turned into Mommy Dearest.

* * *
I am not actually complaining about the weather. I like overcast skies more than the hot sunny sweltering days of a Sydney summer. Well, not all the time though. Right now, I am enjoying a slight breeze coming in through my window and muted sunlight and it feels good. It’s great for getting me in the mood to write my piece for this Sunday’s column in Philippine Star.

Every week, it’s a hide and seek game with my muse as she waits for me to decide on what to write. She shows up eager when she likes the topic. That’s when there is no hide and seek at all. Muse is a bitch and TELLS me what to write and I do so, pronto. I like it that way too. Other times, she can be so shy and almost timid in telling me whether she will go on with me as I write it, or disappear midway sometimes leaving me with an unfinished, un-fleshed out idea.

Ok Muse, what are you gonna be today? Commander Biatch or Shrinking Violet?

* * *

I have not been writing on this blog as often as I used to. In fact I opened a new blog and put more of my casual thoughts there and pretty much made this one a library of the more formal articles I write for Philippine Star. This will change. I shall pour more of myself here as well. So it’s not going to be just me in a coat and tie here looking like some Makati dude on 24 hour projection but also a man in shorts or underwear and t-shirt, unshaven while holding a beer and just whiling the time away.

The yin and yang must never be separate. The brilliant and dense, the deep and shallow, the serious and fun must co-exist in the same place always. Otherwise, how would we know what we were experiencing if its opposite was not not within sight? The zen master who made the koan never wanted say it straight out, but it is true! The sound of one hand clapping is non-existent. You can’t separate pain from pleasure, or opposites from each other.

And this is how I plan on maintaining this blog a living, breathing one.

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