4 days to go

It’s a Sunday today. Nice and quiet.

It is 4 days before Boboy and I have our first live performance since the pandemic. It will be at 19 East in Sucat, a 200 seater club. We chose this small venue last September since we are trying a new sound and repertoire. Danny had not passed on yet. We are sold out.

APO Hiking Society ended at the start of PNoy’s administration where we sang for his inauguration. THat’s about 12 years ago now. During that period, I made 4 albums by myself. I still wanted to write and sing. I did a few solo shows here and abroad. Boboy and I got together a few years back because he also missed singing. We have done mostly private shows since, and recorded a few songs which you can find on Spotify, Apple Music and other platforms.

For Thursday, we prepared a lot songs, some of them never performed publicly. We will be with a 3 piece band, something new for us. We want it intimate and relaxed.

If you will be there, I hope you enjoy. If you couldn’t get tickets, we ill be doing a bigger one at Music Museum in January.

Wish us luck!

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