Adobo, books, APO and my aus studes

Tomorrow I leave for Manila for a few shows and a workshop. I have not been home to answer phone call inquiries about the workshop but I have been responding to info requests via email. As of now, I don’t know how many or how few participants I will have. A lot of them usually confirm by Sunday. We will see.

I learned a lot on this last stay in OZ especially about kitchen and cuisine matters. I learned to fend for myself by cooking and, if I may so, rather well! We had a friend Nannette de la Cruz who had dinner here the other night and she complimented me on my pork adobo. Ha ha. Nannette, you are a real friend. Here is a photo as proof that she ate it and survived!!

A few weeks back, I also got a picture from a visitor of my blogs on multiply and here at the pansitan. His name is Steiner from Canada and he asked his wife to buy my books in Manila while she was there. He even ordered my new book As Is Where Is from For all this, I thank you Steiner. I hope you enjoyed them. To all those who have ordered my book on the net, I thank you too and if the spirit moves you, feel free to leave a review and a rating. If you are too shy, then just send it to me and I will read it privately, or post it for you if you wish.

To those in Aus and NZ, I have copies of my three books Humming In My Universe, Between Blinks, Writing On Water which I can mail to you or you can pick up if you are near my area. Write me at for details.

To those watching the APO show at the PICC, I want you to know that the three of us are quite excited about the show. We are meeting this Sunday and will be preparing during the week for this. What fun!! I can’t wait to be with my friends again.

Thank you Josel Catindoy for this great shot!

I am quite happy that with or without my friends, I can find some comfort and ease wherever I am. I spent all this time in OZ with just Mio and Lydia, and at a certain point I was alone for around a week in winter. I expected to feel displaced, lost and lonely but I did not. That surprised me actually.

I also enjoyed my sessions with my guitar and voice students. They seem to be picking up and learning quite fast. I feel so good seeing many of them come out of their cocoon and learn to flap their wings. They will be flying soon. See you guys again soon. Keep practicing so you don’t lose what you’ve gained. I’ll be back very soon.

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13 years ago

Before we believe you about your adobo Jim, we require a recent photo of Nannette holding up a newspaper front page. That photo could have been taken minutes before the ambulance took her away. Hahaha.

Don’t forget to upsell Danny & Boboy as to how good Brisbane is to play at. [winking]

Sending you an email regarding the books.


13 years ago

hA HA HA. I should get a doctor’s certificate!!! That was a really funny comment.

We’re reasdy for Brisbane if anyone is willing to gamble on us!

Nanette dlC
Nanette dlC
13 years ago

Dave, it’s Day 6 after JP’s adobo…and I’m just getting over the severe bouts of diarrhea and acute gastroentiritis…

Hahaha…just kidding, of course. In fact, I was tempted to pose with today’s newspaper to show I have survived, like you suggested. Truly, I savoured every morsel of Jim’s adobo…it was really memorable – not just an “ok effort” for a novice cook. So much so that I actually want the recipe from you, Jim! Yummmm…can’t wait till you’re back and cooking for us gals again.
Nanette 😉

13 years ago

There you go Dave!! What more proof do you need? ha ha. Thanks nanette for coming to my rescue.