The 36th, nice sweat, pay-offs and some shows

Am back in Manila to do some concerts, and while I’m here, I thought I’d do some other things that I really enjoy. I know this is a bit of a rush if I get the numbers I will push through with this. I am talking about the creativity workshop I’ve been doing for years now. I last ran it in Melbourne at the onset of my dengue episode last August 24. I’m ready, willing and physically able to do it now.

The 36th run of TAPPING THE CREATIVE UNIVERSE Workshop is on

WHEN: OCTOBER 1, 2, 3, 4 ,5 , 8
TIME: 7 to 9PM

For reservations, do call 4265375, or write to for inquiries and a syllabus.
For those who inquired before and who have been waiting for the right moment, DON”T MISS IT THIS TIME!

* * *

I love the heat in Manila. Literally, this was my first day in more than a month where I have not put on a sweater! It was cold in Sydney when I was there, and it just did not feel comfortable to my recuperating body. This nice sweat is so familiar and nourishing! I realize now that I am more of a ‘heat’ than a ‘cold’ person. Winters don’t really thrill me. It may charm for a few days and then it can get annoying!

* * *

My guitar and voice teaching in Sydney is beginning to pay off. My students are really improving. Lately, I helped some of my voice students have their own medley minus-ones for performance by calling on my Manila musician contacts to arrange them. We are happy at how good the medleys have turned out. The students are happy that they have minus ones ‘tailor-made’ for them. One of these days, I am thinking of having a small recital for them if I can all get them to agree.

* * *

Tomorrow I will be seeing Danny, Boboy and our musicians for a rehearsal. We will be doing a show in Cebu this Friday at the CICC. All this rest and recuperation I am doing is to get ready for this. I am excited about it and I am psyched up to do a GREAT show. After this, we will be doing a few other shows in Lucena and other places.


If you are Manila based, make sure you catch our Music Museum shows on October 12 and 13. If you are one of those who have not seen us perform,don’t wait. Life is short, and fleeting. Enjoy yourself with us.

8 thoughts on “The 36th, nice sweat, pay-offs and some shows”

  1. Good luck, Jim! I’m salivating right now – just thinking of your upcoming concert in Cebu. My peeps from Mandaue have front row seats to that event. I’m so envious! So when are you guys coming back to San Diego or even to Las Vegas? My last Apo concert was 4 years ago.



  2. Hopefully, we will be in the US around Feb. I am hoping to be fully recovered for CEBU. Basta, kahit papano, I will have fun.


  3. Hi Jim,
    I love the posters of the concerts, and am both happy and jealous for the people of Cebu tonight, Lucena and others later, who will see Apo perform over these next few shows. I have had you in my thoughts and prayers that your health would have matured to allow you to really enjoy the shows that are before you that start tonight.

    I know that seeing Apo for me 21 years ago was a wonderful experience, and one that needs to be updated and renewed.

    Enjoy tonight, I will be photographing a wedding tonight and will be holding warm and pleasant thoughts for your show. God Bless you Jim.

  4. good luck po for all the shows you are other half is a singer too here in quebec.we are planning to go home (phils)by dec.27 to jan 15 if you have shows po within those dates paki update po so we can go and see one of your shows.hes really excited to see how showbiz goes in PI and to see the place as well.tnx po and kind regards !

  5. Jim:

    Good luck on your concert in Cebu. Do take it easy on your body. Time can be brutal as we age. Iba na ang pakiramdam natin when we get up in the morning. However, time waits for no one, so enjoy every minute of it.

    I saw your concert here in LA last May at UCLA. Class act…keep it running. Sabi nga ni Danny, hanggang nakakabasa pa!

    Take care

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