Nothing has changed. You are still a liar, Rigoberto Tiglao

Dear friends,

I could not respond to Rigoberto Tiglao’s latest article about me because my FB account was suspended for 3 days and I got renewed suspension when I made my first post a few days ago. It remains suspended.

Dear Classmate Bobi Tiglao.

1) You were right in saying we were never classmates in High School. What you avoided saying was we were classmates in COLLEGE under Rolando Tinio’s class. You were mostly hilo in that class. We always imagined you were lost thinking about the impending Proletarian Revolution which you were espousing then. And how you, an idealistic young man of the 70s ended supporting GMA must be another series of hilo moments in your life.

2) You posted all those articles from Inquirer about my migration. But they say nothing about your claim that I am an Australian Citizen. You just wanted to appear ‘authoritative’ by adding so-called documents proving nothing! Anfd you readers, deluged by ‘documents’ did not read them and merely presumed you had proven your case.

3) Your claim, however you buttress it with so-called documents is still false. I am NOT an Australian citizen. You still LIED! You are however good at OBFUSCATION, deception and trickery.

4) Call the Embassy. Write to the Ambassador. Check our immigration what passport I travel with. You claim to be a jouno. Are you or aren’t you? Yun lang di mo ma-verify? Baka hintayin mo pa ang FOI.. LOL

5) I still do not owe you 10M Pesos.

Lastly, as an ardent student of history, I hope you stop being in denial and admit that you have been on the wrong side of it. This may help diffuse all that hatred and negativity you espouse daily.

Raissa Robles says hi! She knows you VERY WELL.

Pls REPOST, Peeps.

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5 years ago

You have my 100% support Jim

5 years ago

Tiglao is a dumb stupid lapdog of Binay please dont waste ur time and never go down to his level we support you and applauded u for what u have done for our country and we forever grateful of it .

5 years ago

I was a fan of your band group APO HS when I was during the height of its popularity. But I admire you more so now as you set yourself courageously, articulately and with dignity on political issues that affects our nation. Please continue to speak out. You are the voice of ordinary individuals and echoes everyone’s concern, both those who are the ‘haves’ and ‘have not’..

4 years ago

Bless you Mr. Paredes. I admire you for straighting things out with regards to the claims of tiglao who had served gma then but not the people.