Museum stuff, A Grade School Teacher and a Virgin!

Still from Washington DC (although it’s been a week since I left), I am putting more pics taken from my museum adventures due to the enthusiastic response from letter writers!

Multi-dimension man with a twist! (Literally!)

Slice of life depicted as comics.

Love this. Really has pizazz!!

Ala Andy Warhol na may mas may commentary.

Op art comeback!

Mala Anne Frank tribute ang dating!

Right now, I am in Boca Raton at my brother Jake’s place. I am taking two days off from the group. We perform in Orlando this Saturday, May 8! Our last stop Cincinnati was not only fun, it was super! We met so many wonderful people including a grade school teacher of ours, Ms. Carmen Mesina!

The crowd was practically virgin, meaning it was their first time to watch APO. After all, it is not exactly a big community for Filipinos. But what they lack in number, they compensate with spirit and hospitality! We were pampered with food, company, medicines even since I was nursing a bad cold. Thank you Doctor Butch! We had a great time and enjoyed the standing ovation they tributed us with. Thank you Cincinnati! Till we return!

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