Heating up, puffed up, recording and shooting nudes

Been living the fast life again of interviews, TV guestings, recordings, rehearsals and starting next week, throw in concertizing!

Yes, everything is starting up again and heating up—the promos, pictorials, the creating of new pieces, concepts, schticks. Things  are revving up and all raring to go towards September 20 when APO FINALLY does the Dome as the headline act. We’ve done Araneta Coliseum many times before but always as someone’s guest. This time it’s our own show completely!

I am quite excited. For the past two or more years, Danny, Boboy and I have been consistently amazed at the answer we get when we ask our audiences how many of them are watching us live  for the first time. Sometimes, as much as 60 percent say it is their first APO concert. A lot of those who answer are young people who probably discovered us after the bands gave us a tribute with the Kami Napo Muna  hit CDs.  This show will showcase what 39 years of  friendship and performing have brought us to. Visit http://apohikingsociety.org for more info.

Meanwhile, here’s an interesting video of a Japanese fan whom Danny met. He loves karaoke and  really gets high doing  APO stuff. Enjoy!


*      *      *

A few nights ago, I woke up in the middle of the night and s I ran my tongue on my lower lip, I noticed how thick my right lower lip was. For awhile I thought I had a stroke since I could sense the deformity on my right side. When I looked at the mirror, I was shocked to see the right side of my lip twice as big as the left. It was so puffed up. I must have  been bitten by something.

My mistake was to go on the net and look up the sympoms by typing  ‘lip swelling’ on google search. Immediately, I found links to leprosy and a host of other sicknesses that can really throw one off and leave you wide awake  at 3 AM.
Ha ha.

The next day I went to my doctor and after I narrated what happened, she advised me to not refer to the internet but to see her instead. It was probably an insect bite. I am hoping it was a spider, or an ant. Basta hindi ipis!! yech!!

*      *      *

As I mentioned awhile ago, we are back in the recording studio. We are doing an album of pieces that we only do live in concert. These are rearangements of songs that have evolved away from how we initialy recorded them. We are also throwing in some new songs in the line-up. These pieces are great and to us, they are now the definitive versions of these songs more than the old original studio versions.

I love working with our musicians. On stage or in a studio atmosphere, they are simply tops! Their level of musicality and passion for excellence is unrivaled. And yes, they do it with joy! Watch out for this!

*      *      *

On September 23, I will be having a Photo exhibit at the Renaissance Gallery in Megamall. My last exhibit entitled “A.W.E.” was three years ago before I left for Sydney and was quite successful. This upcoming one is entitled “Skin– a Black and White and Red exhibit by Jim Paredes”, and you guessed it, it’s a nude collection which I shot through the years.

I AM excited about it but will withhold further announcements till the date nears. Watch out for it!

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12 years ago

Malamang ipis yan! hehe

12 years ago

ha!ha! ang galing ni Sekine. hindi bowla!

order ako ng bagong cd.

goodluck sa concert.

Craig Peihopa
12 years ago

I sense the excitement in this post Jim, what a tremendous achievement for you all. I am excited for you, I hope that you are arranging a professional DVD of the concert, because this is one event that should be recorded and sold, I will buy one! I send my warmest wishes to you all, your wives, your colleagues and your fans who will be at the Araneta for this great event. I guess there are only one or two other bands in the world that could lay claim to still being around and performing after so many years, The Rolling Stones would be chief among them. Congratulations!

TJ Monserrat
12 years ago

WOW!! I want to watch!! Is it really this September 20? Where can I buy some tickets?

Hahaha!! Now I need a place to stay after the event 😛

12 years ago

Hey Mr. Jim Paredes!

I’m excited to see you guys live at the Dome! I want to have a date with my parents, since they’re the ones who influenced us to love APO’s music, ever since we were young.

Hey hi! 😀