Denial, acceptance, joy and change!


I (again) received an email from a friend asking me to verify whether I sent out an email about someone almost getting raped in Katipunan. I forget the full details now.  It was written in the first person. Apparently it has been going around for some three years now. When I typed my name one time in to find out which blogs carried some of my writings, I saw this same story in about 5 or 6 other blogs.

For the nth time, the letter did not originate from me. I got it from some classmate and when I passed it on, it all of a sudden carried me as the originator.  This is the final word. If you write me asking if I did write it, I will not answer the mail anymore.

*      *      *
A waitress in Baguio, three stewardesses, one steward, a socialite, an ambassador’s wife, some nuns,  alumni and other people have let me know that they read my column at the Philippine Star every Sunday, or visit this blog. I’ve also been getting a lot of feedback on my two blogs about them. I am of course, thrilled no end!

I have also been playing judge at of essays written by Filipinos overseas. Every week, I assign a topic for them to write about. The first one was “my First Foreign Affair”. The second one was anything funny that has happened to them while overseas. This week, the topic is ‘my best foreign friend.’

It’s easy to join. Accepting entries now.  Just 1000 characters, and make it interesting, and of course, submit this on time. Sundays are the deadlines. Visit the site for more info.

*      *      *
Am glued watching the Democratic Nomination Convention and i just love the way they utilize music to introduce the speakers. Michelle Obama was welcomed with Stevie Wonder’s ‘I was made to love her’ and she exited with “Isn’t she lovely’. Bill Clinton had  Fleetwood Mac’s  “Don’t stop thinking about tommorrow’, also his signature campaign song. Al Gore just came in walking to the podium as “Let the sunshine in’ played to cheering crowds.

Earlier, Stevie Wonder himself sang two songs! he is still among my favorite artists of all time! I can complain a lot about America but I so admire how its popular music has captured the hearts of people all over the world.

I really hope that Barrack wins the election. I can imagine the big disappointment that will descend on the young in America and the rest of the world if he doesnt. The old must give in to the new. The new world is being born. A black man is running for President. A woman almost made it. China is a new world power poised to be THE dominant power in a decade. India, Brazil, Argentina, and so many others are emerging as well.

The Republican Party is so yesterday! They still believe that Guantanamo, the war on Iraq were  good, that torture is OK. They were willing to close down the UN, and to act unilaterally far too many times. They brought America from surplus to debt. They brought the sub-prime crisis. They should be booted out.

Barack  meanwhile represents the future if America still wants to be a dominant player. He is certainly not perfect. But he is young, bright, and correct in so many issues. Even Bush is now negotiating a deadline on withdrawal with the Iraqis, talking to Iran, the very same ideas voiced out by Barack a year ago at the very  least and was ridiculed by the Republicans. And the best thing is he represents America’s avowed ideals of equality, and even competitiveness and has more people-oriented policies.

Meanwhile, the Philippines continues to marinate in mediocrity, corruption, inertia, deceptions and fear. Leaders of real change, if you are out there, please come out now! To the other politicians, stop your plans to run and make way for real changes. We need Big Changes, not the small change that’s  thrown back at us after you guys have stolen all the people’s money.

We are so looking forward to an end to the Gloria regime in 2010 and get our country REALLY moving!

Panahon! Magbago na! Sawang-sawa na ako sa lumang sistema!

*      *      *

Imagine a REAL science museum in the Philippines! Just saw a video of what a first  class science museum being built in the Philippines will look like.  Click on this.

It will be amazing to see. I thank the visionaries behind this who from the looks of it seem to have invested good money for the  far-reaching goals of getting us Filipinos fascinated with science and encourage our curiosity!

Two thumbs up  guys!!

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hector olympus
12 years ago

“The new world is being born.”

Simple but yes, it is happening. And we are witnesses to these changes.

How we all hope and pray that God’s new move into America and China shall also pass by our beloved nation Philippines.

New things will come into our nation because God loves the Philippines. When? Only God knows. But we pray that it will be now.

“if My people will pray and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will heal their land.”

12 years ago

Actually, it will be a LOOOOONG time before things improve in the Philippines. We need our asses kicked first before anything significant happens. I think we need a dictator like lee kwan yew to get our act together.

This is the reason why I’m migrating to Melbourne. Hopefully by December they’ll grant my visa.

hector olympus
12 years ago

comment made by me to one of Howie Severino’s blogs:

It’s a pity really that pinoys (professional if i must emphasize) should go to other lands because there goes the greener pastures that they couldn’t find here in the Philippines.Nakakalungkot pero totoo.

to which Howie replied:
Hector, In our lives we come to a fork in the road — do we go to greener pastures… or do we try to nourish and water the pasture where we were born so it one day turns green?

the complete story:

12 years ago

mr. jim,

like you, i was glued to the DNC this week too. and like you, i admire barack and i do hope he really wins.

here’s the thing… im from alaska and as you may now know, mccain picked our governor to be his running mate, sarah palin. now, that doesn’t change the fact that i will be voting for barack but do you have any takes on mccain’s decision? just curious if your opinion would be the same as mine because i think he only did it to get hilary’s supporters since they are probably discouraged because she was not picked as obama’s VP. interesting move don’t you think? but risky, is what they’re saying. i believe so too.

btw, i saw you at singing bee last week. sayang di ka nakaabot sa final countdown. 😛

12 years ago

US President Barrack Obama was introduce with music from U2 called “City of Blinding Lights”. Opps did I say US president already???

Hi Jim!

12 years ago

i hope americans think a lot harder now and not choose “war-inspired” republicans….

12 years ago

if there’s one thing that the republicans excel in, it is in winning elections. they have a formidable political machinery that the democrats have come to respect.. their candidates thrive on personal attacks. republican strategy consists of one personal attack after another.

it has been reported that karl rove chose palin for the vp slot. she’s extremely conservative (pro-gun, pro-life, pro-drilling, pro-big oil) which makes her so appealing to the GOP base.

given the current economic scenario and the war in Iraq, obama should be far ahead in the polls. but with the onslaught of misleading attacks from mccain, it has become a tight race with obama leading by a very narrow margin. the scenario as to why a significant number of americans believe republican tactics is so beyond me.

12 years ago

i do not ever, ever entertain the idea that the Philippines has no hope or it is really doomed. we just have to stick to our ideals and act on it.

4 more days and i’ll be hearing you, guys, singing here in bacolod. yehey!

12 years ago

Hi Jim!

A word of caution to anyone sending and receiving emails. If the sender is not familiar to you, just delete the email. This is how viruses (virii) spreads among innocent, and unwilling, computer users.

With identify theft, or called phishing, on the rise we should be careful in handing out our email addresses. It is advisable to keep at least two email addresses, one for your personal stuffs like family and close friends, the other for things like websites asking your email address before you can post or download. The equivalent of “never talk to strangers” we were told when we’re young.

Above suggestions require some work but they do help protect you in the long way.

12 years ago

Hi Jim!

I just got my US citizenship a few days ago (Sept 9) and it would be my first time to vote. Yes I will definitely vote for Obama and Biden. Actually, this whole GOP and DFL stuff is making me nervous – kinda’ reminds me of “Cory and Marcos” days in 1986. I don’t understand why lots of Americans and some fellow kababayans I know are still clamoring for another 4 years of disastrous Republican rule. You are more aware of what’s going on here in America than most of Americans I know who are just totally out of touch.


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