We can do this!

Here is something we can learn from. It’s time for imagination and creativity if we want new, fresh faces and energies and directions for our country. It’s a terrific template for change!.

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12 years ago

Wow! Stirring…

12 years ago

I totally agree. The “Times of India,” is a great and powerful concept which we can use to bring change to our own Philippines.
Please allow me to describe how I view the Philippine Political dilemma.
“I Do Bad, To Do Good.”
That in a nutshell to me is the general political approach.
I think that there is absolutely nothing wrong with this concept, considering the age of our fragile democracy, as well as the awareness of the majority. It is a “Robin Hood Situation.” The only problem is, the fruits of the bad deeds do not all go to the pursuit of good deeds. Much of it ends up in fat personal bank accounts, buying expensive properties with wonderful houses, fancy cars, etc.
The best and most gifted people in the Phils. who at one time or other have joined government, have left after being faced with overwhelming negative forces.
I think that a good start for real positive change is to catch political crooks with their hand in the cookie jar and I think that is now happening. The media can play a very crucial role, unless again of course, they are (bought.)

I hate it whenever I see billbaords saying “Another project of his majesty blah blah blah.” All designed to promote their continued lordship at the expense of the people.
And so, my view is that the people should be informed. They should be educated on the very obvious flaws of our present political system.
There are a lot of private corporations doing their share of uplifting the people and they do not brag about it. Recently, there have been and continues to be very many fund raising activities to benefit the people. Gawad Kalinga is one among many. The private sector is trying it’s darn best in my opinion, knowing full well that being in government will not achieve half of the effects of their personal efforts as companies.
Education is key!
What I feel we need to do is to fast track this awareness.\
I do not have the answers but am very willing to contribute my efforts when the time comes.