Another tour done!

Just arrived from the US last night. We did three shows in two weekends. I write to say thank you to everyone who was there and made every concert commercially and critically successful and so much fun. The shows in Sycuan, Morongo and Oxnard all rocked! We had a lot of fun and met a lot of new people. It was a good tour, and incidentally, the last show was the 20th one we did with Jeff David and Jennifer Santillian of Kewlit Company, a great outfit to work with.

Danny doing a sound check at Morongo.

I had forgotten how hectic concert tours can be even if this one was not close to how hectic the previous ones were. For one, we only had three shows and all in the same state (California). But the gap (24 hours) between the last two shows was quite tiring. What gets us exhausted are the late dinners and conversations that last till 2 AM and the early call to wake up and drive three hours for the next show.



We do travel in a limo. One of the few perks we enjoy!

Just the same, it’s a life I enjoy and always look forward to. It’s like doing magic. You enter an empty venue and people mysteriously show up. You weave music, harmony and humor and moments of sheer pleasure are created.

I am reading a book now and the author contends that when you want to experience the presence of people and loved ones who have passed away, visit the places where they spent time enjoying themselves, and you will feel their presence. When I told this to Lydia, she wholeheartedly agreed. She’s been spending a lot of time lately at her parent’s home going through their things. She says she feels her mom’s presence when she is in the studio where her mom loved to do Chinese paintings!

When I am gone, visit the venues we have performed in, or just listen to our music. If the author is right, then I will surely be there! Boo!

* * *

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12 years ago

i haven’t been to an apo show in ages. i wanted to go to whatever was closest to san diego – but having lost my job -i had other priorities to consider. i’m suffering from recessionitist and yes – electionitist! more power to you, danny and boboy. hopefully next year..blah..blah..blah..