‘la lang…


Nothing deep, meaningful, earthshaking, relevant, heartwarming or spiritual today. This entry contains no great redeeming value. The most apt response I can come up with as to why I am posting it is… ”la lang!”

If you’re on the net as much I am (sometimes), you’re bound to find some gems too good not to share. Take a break! These cracked me up:

http://www.geocities.com/asianprince_213/ —An old one but still …uhm…it’s just beyond words! Forget whoever your idols are. DA MAN is here. Make sure you click on ALL the links. I guarrantee goosebumps! Hee hee!!

http://www.beatallica.org/ —A hilariously funny fusion of Beatles and Metallica. Very witty arrangements. Make sure you check out the lyrics and listen to the songs!

http://frankzappa.com —Still my idol to this day even if he died a few years back. This website is so well made. It’s not a funny website per se, but if you’re a Zappa fan, you will see his playful, humorous spirit all over the place.

http://www.cco.net/~jpete/deepthou.htm –If you’re not yet a Jack Handy fan after visiting this, you will be. But then again, you may just end up cursing me for leading you to this site!

http://www.1112.net/lastpage.html —The end of all cyberspace explorations and quests!


In answer to some queries, I am posting the APO Europe + Dubai tour schedule of shows. While it’s a shorter journey time-wise, it’s even more hectic than the last US tour. And (gasp), it’s winter!!!!

Nov. 12—Zurich show at Swissotel

Nov. 13—Show at Arditi-Wilsdorf Theater

Nov. 18—Dubai Show

Nov. 20—Amsterdam Show

Nov. 21—Rome Show

Nov. 27—Vienna Show

Nov. 28—Milan Show

Dec. 4 —-Copenhagen Show

Dec. 5—–London show

Dec. 7—-Leave for Manila

I still don’t have all the venues but will post them when I get them.. The Switzerland (Nov12, 13) and Copenhagen (Dec. 4) gigs are entirely solo APO shows. The rest will have APO as guests doing a solo 45 minute portion as part of a concept show with Nanette Inventor, Geneva Cruz.

Do check http://apohikingsociety.org from time to time for more info.


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