Talks, Morning Sun and Pop Spirituality!

OK. I know I’ve been remiss in writing on this blog. Been REALLY busy. In the past twenty days, I had to prepare so many power point presentation for the talks I’ve been giving. They’re mostly about creativity which is a topic I am very awake to and always excited about. Three days ago, I had to make a variation on this theme for the Pioneer Life Insurance company. I gave two talks for them entitled Dare to Dream, Dare to Lead where I used my creativity set of rules to discuss leadership.

Yesterday I talked before the Asian Music and Marketing Conference. I gave a sweeping history of OPM (Original Pilipino Music) and what in my view we must do to make our mark in the world. It was quite controversial because I had to sort of step on toes of some of the pillars in the music industry. But things must be said. More on this interesting topic in my next blog.

Tomorrow, I leave for Cebu to give a talk on creativity for Glaxo, a pharmaceutical company. It seems that many companies who want to keep relationships with important clients (like doctors if you’re a pharma company) have discovered that inviting people to talks that have little to do with the trade but a lot to do with personal growth is a good come-on. We all know that man does not live by bread alone. His spirit must be nourished too. And creativity or the power to feel alive, animated, connected and interacting with the universe is a great way to do it.

Been waking up early these days for no reason. I just catch myself wide awake before 7AM. I can’t help but notice how wonderfully warm and rich morning sunlight can be at this time of the year. I try to look for subjects to take pictures of. Luckily some people are also awake at this time.

Princess and the Empress enjoying the morning sun!

Mio stealing some more sleep in between waking up for school and waiting for beakfast!

I get to read a lot of cool stuff from coolmel who writes a blog listed among the links at the side of this page—Blogging with Passion and Compassion. See it? Here’s something I got from him. Wanna if you’re spiritual or not? Take the Time magazine pop quiz and tell me your score. But be aware that it’s ONLY a pop quiz.


Enjoy the weekend!

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