Her Happiest Moment…

Yesterday, October 24th at 2:45 AM Eastern Time (2:45 PM our time) Maricel Quintos, mother of two daughters, loving sister and daughter, in law and friend to many, passed away quietly at room 417, Trillium Health Care Hospital in Missisauga, Canada.

<>I made two postings in the past about my meeting up with her again after a 29 year interregnum. I pondered on this fact yesterday during mass as I tried to cull the significance of our connecting again. We were not really close in the past but perhaps it’s because I am more awake to cancer due to Lydia’s recent bout with it that I was so taken by Maricel when I saw her in a party in Toronto during the APO tour.

The most endearing part of her was her calmness and acceptance of her cancer which at that time had caused the doctor to tell her she only had a few months to live. As a testimony to her composure in the face of impending death, she had done the chilling but neccesary task of making preparations with the funeral home at the onset and preparing her family for the inevitability.

She meant to come home and have a last visit here but plans changed when she suffered a nose-bleed and fainted and was rushed to the hospital 9 days ago.

In one of our last conversations a few months ago, I remember speculating that maybe we the living have it all wrong by grieving when we lose a loved one, but to the one who is dying, it could be the happiest moment ever since they will finally get to see God. She smiled and said she was sure that it was so!

Maricel Quintos in college!

We will miss you Maricel. But the love and warmth you left behind will not only linger but will be passed on. In the end, only love is real. While you did not live long enough to see your grandchild who is still to be born a few months from now, your joy at being with God is comforting to us who are left behind.

This entry is a tribute to this woman of substance (as I like to call women with cancer) who lived and died with grace and with the dignity of one who knew when and how to let go.

(As a habit, I say a quiet prayer for each and everyone who dies whether I know them or not. Even if you do not know her, a prayer for her would be appreciated. Thanks!).

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13 years ago

hi, i woke up today and thought of maricel unknowingly of the situation. there are so many things i want to say , but perhaps in another lifetime. you are right a prayer will do.

Eliza Sarona Utulo
Eliza Sarona Utulo
10 years ago

Maricel was a batchmate at the UST college of science; i remember her with fondness, because though we weren’t close, she did our school & batch proud by winning a beauty contest.My prayers for the eternal repose of her soul…