I was gonna write some serious reflections about Spiral Dynamics and Spiritual States (a topic that is so fascinating) while on a plane ride to Amsterdam but APO decided to move our flight to wednesday. Our manager’s passport did not have enough pages to get her Shengen (EU) visa stamped on it and so she will be issued her visa tomorrow. Meanwhile, I am writing all this stuff right here on my desk at home. And since the circumstances are changed and the spirit has not moved me to get deep, serious, reflective, heavy and boring, I sit and share with you some ladida…

–Have you noticed how local beer commercials never show anyone actually drinking beer? If you haven’t, watch out next time you see an ad on air. I know that for a fact because I came out in many beer commercials in the past. They always show someone bringing a glass or a bottle to his mouth suggesting that they are taking a swig but never actually show the talent gulping it. Why, you may ask! The answer is unbelievable but true. Are you ready? It’s because …well.. it’s kinda “unethical” to show anyone consuming alcohol! Bwahahahahaha!!! I’m not kidding. <>

Go ahead! Shake your head in disbelief!

Ala just texted us awhile ago from Botswana where she is currently on an African safari with her Lolo, uncles and an aunt. She said Botswana is so beautiful with so much diversity and abundance of wild animals. This morning, a hyena sneaked into their kitchen and ran off with their garbage can! Suffice it to say, she is having a great time roughing it in the wild. That is, if you can call an air conditioned tent, a bathroom/toilet with a bathtub and shower and butlers serving them “roughing it out”.

Some people are just so lucky!!

—Mio is getting to be more and more like me. He plays the guitar everyday, and with such passion and devotion like the guitar was his girlfriend! I used to be like that although I loved my girlfriends as much as my guitars! I also think he plays better than me when I was his age. He likes rock music but is quite partial also to all types of jazz. Actually he can appreciate almost anything. He surprises me at times when he asks me for the chords of some APO songs. He is especially impressed with the guitar intro of Pumapatak Ang Ulan! I can only smile since I made that intro!

—During dinner, I was talking to Lydia and Gina (Erica’s friend and our neighbor who practically lives with us and is counted as a member of the family) about how more and more, celebrity life in the new millennium seems to get shorter and shorter. Time was when careers spanned some years, even decades. A lot of 70’s and 80’s entertainers, though definitely not as hot and probably not as busy are still around and can still pop in and out of the radar screen occasionally. In fact, some of them are still big—Martin, Regine, Pops, Gary. These days, the crop of celebs becomes instantly famous and just as quickly is out of the limelight in no time at all. A flash in the pan, they call it.

Think of all the young stars of say, some 5 years back. Quite a number of them did not linger long enough to be memorable. Maybe it’s because in today’s multi-media set-up, it takes less talent to make it. With technology these days, almost anybody can sound passable in a recording studio. Or maybe it’s because many celebrity careers are launched and tied up with products—soaps, shampoos, soft drinks, burgers, and the like and so when the campaign changes, they vanish as quickly. Unless of course they are taken for another ad or make the switch to a TV show, a recording, movie, etc… Or maybe it’s just a faster, throw-away world. Andy Warhol was right when he said in the 60’s that, “In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.”

It’s a pity since so many young stars these days choose to be in showbiz instead of being in school. Listen to this old man. Get an education. It will always come in handy in and out of showbiz.

— I can’t stand it how some restaurants have a smoking and non-smoking area ostensibly to protect the non-smokers from second hand smoke. Gimme a break. It’s about as logical as putting a pissing and non-pissing section in a swimming pool.

—I am seriously looking into the prospect of having my own internet radio station. I was so fascinated when APO was interviewed on PhiBi (Philippine Internet Broadcast Inc.) a few days ago. So many people from everywhere—Japan, Israel, Canada, Amsterdam, Belgium, Germany, Philippines where actually listening and sending email. Nakakatuwa! And since it is, as of now, unregulated and non-commercial, you can say anything and not have to think in 9 minute segments to accommodate commercial breaks! I really want to broadcast from my home studio sometime January. Right now, it’s a crazy dream, but who knows? I still have to see the costs though, and if it looks affordable will get my studio wired and going. So watch out for us Paredeses! Each of us—Erica, Ala, Mio, maybe even Lydia and myself – opinionated as we all are, will be having our own individual time slots talking and sharing stuff with the world!!! What a gas! I guarantee you radio content like you’ve never experienced before!

<>—George Carlin, one of my favorite comics has a new book entitled “When Will Jesus Bring The Pork Chops?” He touches on really sensitive ground–religion– with his comedy material. As he says, “I think it’s the duty of the comedian to find out where the line is drawn and cross it deliberately.”

My type of guy!

Next entry will hopefully be from Europe!

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