Dear Friends, thank you for all your greetings. Today, Aug 31, I am 70 years old. Despite the pandemic and some people close to me being in the hospital, I am thankful for many friends, relatives, strangers who have greeted me so far, and more probably during the rest of the day. And I am happy. Life is good.
Being 70 is a milestone. Some people see it as the start of the BIG FADE AWAY. I see it as the beginning to the build up of a great sunset. We must know how to live and how to die. I will continue to write, sing, live, laugh, cry, love, be inspired, be active, be crazy and put effort into causes that will help me evolve with the rest of humanity.

One thing that is evident as you age is that, barring accidents, pandemics, and acts of God, the three greatest killers are salt, sugar, and gravity. So far, I have taken care of my self physically with regards to those three. Aging will happen to everyone. From being young and able to shake the world like thunder, we become Tanders. From being current, we become vintage.

But to live well, we must keep moving. Life is movement. Movement is the clearest sign of life. And so I am posting my ‘proof of life’. Ha ha ha. I practiced a few weeks to build up to this. I don’t think I will be able to do this when I turn 80!

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