Noynoy’s legislative record



Senator Noynoy Aquino is vigilant in his pursuit of truth, justice and
freedom, the fundamental principles that make democracy work in this
country that his parents had likewise fought hard to restore. His
commitment to preserve, strengthen and continue their legacy is
evident in his accomplishments.

I. Positions held
Chairman, Committee on Local Government
Co-chair, Committee on Justice and Human Rights

II. Committee Membership
• Accounts
• Economic Affairs
• Education, Arts and Culture
• Environment and Natural Resources
• Government Corporations and Public Enterprises
• Justice and Human Rights
• National Defense and Security
• Peace, Reunification and Reconciliation
• Public Works
• Trade and Commerce
• Urban Planning, Housing and Development
• Ways and Means
• Youth, Women and Family Relations

III. Senate Bills
Senate Bill No. 1370 – an act granting an annual productivity
incentive to all workers in the private sector, establishing
mechanisms for its implementation, and for other purposes

Senate Bill No. 1719 – an act limiting the re-appointment of
presidential nominees by-passed by the Commission on Appointments (CA)

Senate Bill No. 1710 – an act banning the re-appointment of a regular
member of the Judicial and Bar Council (JBC) who has already served
the full term

Senate Bill No. 2035 – an act requiring the regular maintenance and
preservation of all public infrastructures, establishing mechanisms
for its implementation and for other purposes

Senate Bill No. 2036 – an act increasing the penalties for non-
compliance of the prescribed increases and adjustments in the wage
rates of workers, amending for the purpose Republic Act No. 6727

Senate Bill 2159 – an act adopting the doctrine of superior
responsibility to all actions involving military personnel, members of
the Philippine National Police and other civilians involved in law

Senate Bill 2160 – an act amending Section 4 of RA 9184, otherwise
known as the Government Procurement Reform Act to further restrict
exemptions to the requirement of public bidding

Senate Bill 2978 – an act amending the DILG Act to further clarify the
relationship between local chief executives and their respective local
police chiefs

Senate Bill 3121 – the Budget Impoundment Control Act, which seeks to
strengthen legislative oversight over executive spending

IV. Senate Resolutions
Senate Resolution No. 190 – investigating the exercise and
implementation of the powers of local chief executives under Republic
Act 7160 otherwise known as the “Local Government Code of 1991” in
relation to Republic Act 6975 known as the “Philippine National Police
(PNP) Law”
and Republic Act 8551 known as “The PNP Reform and Reorganization Act
of 1998”

Senate Resolution No. 205 – investigating the bomb explosion at the
House of Representatives, condemning in the strongest possible terms
the recent bombing at the House of Representatives, extending
sympathies to the victims and calling on authorities to conduct a
swift and thorough investigation into this incident

Senate Resolution No. 229 – directing the appropriate Senate
committees to conduct an inquiry, in aid of legislation, on the
circumstances leading to the arrest and ‘processing’ of journalists
and media personalities after the Manila Peninsula standoff on 29
November 2007

V. Fiscalizer
The responsibilities of a senator go beyond the drafting of
legislation or the creation of policies. As a true representative of
the people, Senator Aquino has consistently voiced his concerns on
several issues, drawing attention to the anomalies in our current

2009 General Appropriations Act (GAA)
By vigorously examining the General Appropriations Act for 2009
submitted by the Executive, Senator Aquino was able to propose key
amendments to the 2009 GAA that seek to tighten congressional
oversight on the executive’s use of public funds.

Champion of Human Rights and People’s Participation
At the heart of all legislative and policy-making initiatives is the
development and welfare of the people. Senator Aquino has sought the
proper relocation of informal settlers and the delineation of
authority of parties involved in demolitions such as the MMDA. The
bill amending the UDHA is currently underway.

Through his privilege speeches, Senator Aquino has drawn attention to
the plight of desaparecidos and victims of extra-judicial killings. He
introduced substantial amendments to the Cooperative Code to make it
more responsive to the needs of the marginalized sector for which the
code was enacted. They are meant to strengthen the cooperative
movement by providing for transparent measures for members and
officers of cooperatives.

He is also part of the bicameral debates on the Anti-Torture Act.

Accountability to the People
Senator Aquino actively participated in the hearings that investigated
a number of reported scandals involving the alleged misuse of public
funds, such as the ZTE-NBN deal, the Euro Generals and the Fertilizer
Fund scam. These hearings brought to light the need for increased
transparency and accountability in the disbursal of taxpayers’ money.

Integrity of the Senate
The series of scandals that stain the reputation of our government has
also challenged the Senate of the Philippines as an institution. The
recent attempts to amend the Constitution, for instance, have
compelled our Senators, including Senator Aquino, to firmly assert
their defiant stand on this issue.

Energy Sector
Senator Aquino has been vigilant in the hearings regarding the sale of
TRANSCO and PNOC-EDC. Much of his time and energy was spent on the
EPIRA and TRANSCO amendments, questioning the sale of revenue-
generating assets prior to the privatization of key government
corporations. Senator Aquino sought clarification as to whether the
sales of these assets were part of a long-term energy development plan
or not to ensure that the long-term impact of losing these assets have
been considered prior to their sales.

National Integrity
Senator Aquino voted “NO” to the controversial JPEPA because he
believed that the Filipino people deserved a better negotiated and
mutually beneficial treaty.

VI. Institution builder
Last but not least, Senator Aquino has dedicated his life in public
service to strengthening our democratic institutions. Principal among
these is his commitment to a genuine party system in the Philippines,
as reflected in his membership in and strong commitment to the Liberal

• Executive Vice President, December 18, 2007 to present
• Vice Chairman, March 17, 2006 to December 17, 2007
• Secretary General, 2004 to March 16, 2006
• Vice-Pres. for Luzon, 2002-2004
• Secretary General, 1999-2002
• Chairman of the Board, Central Luzon Congressional Caucus

VII. Accomplishments as three-term member of the House of

A. Positions held

Deputy Speaker, 13th Congress

B. Committee Membership

13th Congress
• Banks & Financial Intermediaries
• Energy
• Export Promotion
• Public Order & Safety

12th Congress
• Civil, Political & Human Rights
• Good Government
• Inter-Parliamentary Relations & Diplomacy
• Public Order & Security

11th Congress
• Agriculture
• Appropriations
• Banks & Financial Intermediaries
• Civil, Political & Human Rights (Vice-Chairman)
• Natural Resources
• Peoples’ Participation
• Public Order & Security
• Suffrage and Electoral Reforms
• Trade & Industry
• Transportation & Communications

C. Priority Bills
• House Bill No. 4251 – granting annual productivity incentives to all
workers in the private sector

• House Bill No. 4397 – strengthening the regulatory power of the
Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to effectively enforce consumer

• House Bill No. 4252 – increasing the penalties for non-compliance of
the prescribed increases and adjustments in the wage rates of workers

• House Bill No. 3616 – extending the reglementary period for the
educational qualification for PNP members

• House Bill No. 1842 – providing for the codification of criminal

D. Resolutions
• House Resolution No. 65 – inquiry in aid of legislation into the
policies and processes of the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) in
granting rate increases to electric utilities

• House Resolution No. 788 – creating a select Congressional
Oversight Committee on intelligence funds to check and study the use
of intelligence funds by government agencies to ensure that funds
allocated therefore are utilized for the purpose they are intended

E. Other legislation
a. Introduced an amendment in the General Appropriations Act requiring
public bidding in the purchase of petroleum, oil and lubricant
products for the Department of National Defense


Thanks to Carlos Celdran.

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  1. this comprehensive report on Noynoy’s track record should silence those people in Malacanang who continue to badmouth Noynoy. These people are scared to death.

    1. I think you are right that people are scared to death of Noynoy. Nobody is saying that Noynoy doesn’t have a track record. They are talking about how small his track record is and how ineffective his so-called “accomplishments” really are. It’s not just about his mom and famous sister promoting him and winning his seat in senate. And it’s not just because it’s happening again…only this time it’s for presidency. It’s that he doesn’t have his own ideas. He’s a puppet. He is an advocate to nothing. When asked serious questions, he never has a real answer. Just like recently when asked about what he will do with taxes. His answer is that he is open to anything. What is that? This man has no plans. He’s always getting a full ride to everything he does. For example, he supervisor job for Nike, vice president for a family owned company, Senator, and it may happen again if he’s handed presidency. With the power of a senator, the last time I checked…there was still corruption. Did he do his part then to try and stop it? Or is he now laying out conspiracy theories of people who work hard for their money just because his “Aquino” magic is starting to fade?

  2. Hi Idol, I did a song for Noynoy kaya lang medyo naoutdated yung lyrics ng magvice si Mar. Idol kita Jim, indie/punk ako pero I love APO and your solo album. Tooo yan! Oi!Oi! Noynoy! (Chant ng Punks for Noynoy!)

    Heto yung song..

    Salamat. Peace, love, respects and punk rock from Waray NAtion Philippines!

  3. JIM thanks for continuing the spirit of people power 1. We need you in the SENATE … I applied as an absentee voter in the USA because of Noynoy. I hope you can serve the people and be our senator.

  4. I would like to take this opportunity, make the necessary reply, so we will enjoy what democracy is all about.

    RE: Noynoy’s legislative record. Of course there will be some. He can always hire some people to do the work. Of course his staff will do the work for him.

    Positions held are not something to be proud of. Even Jinggoy Estrada have thesame.

    Committee membership? My God, is that something to be shouting to the world that Noynoy’s was a partime and a non performing member of legislative committee? Did he debated well in the committee hearings. Is he capable?

    REsolution; 205? what kind of work is that. Are you proud of that kind of work?

    What I would like to hear from this legislator are works that would have impact on the very basic problems that beset this country. I would like to hear from him how he would deal with the problem regarding economic policies, what he intend to do to attract investment, how he would answer the long call of the lgu’s about more fiscal power. What are his stand regarding Mindanao?

    To prove that I am wrong about my assesment of his inutility, let him debate with other candidates on national television, even if you give him in advance the topics to be discussed, just allow him to answer directly the not directed open forum, so we will see if he is indeed the real M’coy. So that we will know how shallow his understanding of national issues are.

    Of course he is a strong candidate, with good intention and a good repute. But that will never be enough when we are talking about the gargantuan task ahead. He will end up like his mother. A failure in governance.

    1. HB,SB,HR,HB are just a piece of paper and nothing more wtihout being made into law. Those are not accomplishments. they are paperworks.

  5. You can check for yourself the record of Sen. Aquino at the Philippine senate website. His record is really pathetic. Please note that with his 12 years tenure as lawmaker, he was not able to produce a single law. Furthermore he is very lazy in submitting bills. For the record, he only authored 1 bill in 2009 (3 bills in 2007 and 5 bills in 2008). During his last term as congressman (2005 to 2007), he only authored 2 bills (one of which is Tarlac City Day). Again, with his 12 years as lawmaker, he was not able to produce a single law. His poor record is an evidence of non-accomplishment.

  6. Wow! Why did you include Committee Memberships as part of Accomplishments?\n\n’Yun ding actively participating in debates and hearings are not accomplishments but rather duties as a Senator of the Republic.\n\nThe true Accomplishment of a lawmaker are the NUMBER OF AUTHORED BILLS PASSED INTO LAW!

  7. Filipinos this is false Hope GORDON will bring true change! HE WALKS THE TALK. while aquinos are resting in their villas and haciendas Gordon works his ass off! what kind of president is Aquino when he doesnt do volunteer work. A president must lead by example anong example makukuha natin sa kanya? Lahat ng ginawa niya sa campaign niya puro asar lang ssa ibang presidentiables.

  8. Way to go Elijah. Good to see somebody isn’t blinded by false hope. Though I’m not going for Gordon, it’s still great that you aren’t jumping on this Noynoy bandwagon heading for nowhere. People are so serious thinking that just because the legislative accomplishments of Noynoy was released it will prove that he didn’t just do nothing. Which is correct, Noynoy did have a little bit of things done. He did just enough to stay in office. But, now as you look at his accomplishments, it’s enough to fit on one piece of paper. And I’m including all his government experiences not just as senator. To top it off, you look how much of his legislation went through, which hardly any did.

    Now to say Noynoy comes without controversy or alleged corruption is just ignorant. He has history. His family has a history. Regardless if it’s true or not, it’s still questionable and is still being investigated. I’m about the Hacienda Luisita massacre. And not just that but, the deaths following that massacre, which wasn’t covered as much as it should have been. Those deaths are directly related to the Aquinos. Here is the website.
    So, what I’m saying is that Noynoy is the one with the bloody history.

    If Noynoy wants to stop corruption, he should step down and walk away from politics. And then hopefully all the other corrupted politicians will take his lead.

  9. I think it’s high time we examine NoyNoy Aquino as a man purely on what he has made out of his life, and not based on the greatness of his parents. If people look at him from this point of view, I think they’d be better informed on whether he really is fit for the presidency. ??There is no doubt that Ninoy and Cory Aquino belong to the pantheon of great Filipinos. Greatness however is not inherited. It is something you make for yourself. Ninoy’s parents weren’t great. And Cory’s parents were simple folks. But Ninoy and Cory grew up to be great persons. It would be ignorant and foolish to assume that just because they are great, Noynoy would be great too. Mahatma Gandhi became an Indian hero and a world icon for humanity. He had four sons. But the world doesn’t really know what those sons did with their lives – because they did not inherit their father’s greatness. John Lennon is a humanitarian and a musical genius. But his son, Julian, did not inherit his humanity and compassion nor his gift for songwriting. Dodot Jaworski did not inherit his father, Bobby Jaworski’s shooting and passing skills in basketball. Kris Aquino is Cory’s very own flesh and blood. But while Cory exudes dignity and class, Kris at times is crass and pedestrian. You either have greatness or you don’t. Ballsy, Cory and Ninoy’s eldest, at least inherited her parents dignified demeanor. ??Now back to Noynoy Aquino. He has a degree of Economics from Ateneo De Manila University. It’s a great school known for its graduates who went on to become great people. But Noynoy was not one of its great students. He wasn’t even a student leader in his time. Noynoy went on to sales and marketing for two great companies: Nike Philippines and Mondragon Int’l. Sales and marketing, and for that you went to Ateneo? Those were the only jobs he held that he got based on his resume and not based on his parent’s name. Because after those jobs, he went on to work for his uncle’s company and eventually their family’s sugar company at Hacienda Luisita. Even in private life, he used his family connections to earn a living. ??He served three terms in Congress representing Tarlac, his family’s district and for which he had great chances of winning because it is Aquino/Cojuangco country after all. People would be surprised to know that at one point he was Deputy Speaker, because he was barely visible, he barely talked and he barely sponsored bills. In effect, he was a forgettable congressman. He is now a Senator of the Republic to which he owes greatly to his own sister, Kris, and his mother Cory, who both used their popularity during the elections to campaign for a forgettable brother and son. ??The presidency is the highest position in the country. It is not meant for people who are still on the OJT stage (on-the-job training). It is a position meant for great people. This country can only achieve greatness if we put great people on the steering wheel. To pass the mantle of greatness from Ninoy and Cory to a son who has so far haven’t done anything great in his life would demean and cheapen the legacies that Ninoy and Cory left behind. Cory did not survive 9 coup attempts, and Ninoy did not breathe his last breath on a dirty airport tarmac for it to be used as their forgettable son’s publicity tool for his presidential ambition. ??This country is not that HOPELESS to settle for MEDIOCRITY.\n\nThis was written caloy73 on \n\nAnd I find this a very intelligent explanation of the reasons NoyNoy Aquino shouldn’t be president.

  10. .. i personally have not yet decided on whom will be my presidential bet.. but in fairness to some of his bills, they’re good.. none of the lawmakers have thought of that ( i guess.heheh).. i think his bills were’nt made to be laws because other lawmakers did not find his bills profitably beneficial to them..

  11. good for you elijah because you decided to vote for gordon. \n\nthough i’m for VILLAR, i admire everyone who look at the track records of the candidates and most importantly,their principles and their stands on national issues. (I think Gordon, Gibo, Villar and Villanueva, even Estrada nga eh, are really firm about what they intend to do about specific issues.) I admire them. But this Noynoy Aquino here, have NO SAY WHATSOEVER about…well..about anything. He even refused to go to the open forum in our largely populated and reputable university. I don’t know the reason but i think it’s because he might lose some “command votes” he already has there because of his lack of knowledge and disposition about topics which might be raised. He might know that we are critical voters and students. \n\nBUt… okay, stands and principles aside, naku naman noynoy, track record palang, kitang-kita na how poor a leader you were, you are and how poor a leader you will become. Mahirap na nga Pilipinas, papahirapin niya pa lalo sa katamaran niya. Pag siya ang presidente, lahat ng ifoforward sa kanyang bill, maipapasa kasi mate-30 day rule kasi tatamarin siya pirmahan kaya it’s as if it is approved. Edi ayos.. hay Noynoy, better get your a$* moving para di ka pa lumaki lalo. Huwag tulog ng tulog sa mga session sa House at senate. Pag ikaw naging Presidente (knock on wood three times), huwag ka naman literal na umupo lang sa office mo ha. Huwag din magplaplay safe at “scared”. Be ashamed, your parents are heroes and you’re a coward? please don’t be. We’re headed to hell if you stay that way. \n\nSorry Jim Paredes, i super admire you, your love for music, for our country, for democracy and all, and respect your decision of supporting him, , but I just can’t imagine how a politically-aware man like you would advertise him. You might be good friends; he might be very kind, loving and acts like an angel who won’t steal from our country, BUT, let’s not rely on behavioral reductionism again. you know how some good boys are called good because they don’t do anything bad like the other kids? or because they just sit in one corner, and don’t do anything at all?

  12. WHY WERE HIS BILLS NOT ENACTED INTO LAW? IS IT HIS FAULT? WAS IT IN HIS HANDS OR WAS IT BECAUSE OF OUTSIDE FACTORS?? I need to know so I would know. Wala kasi sinasabi eh diba? tnx..

  13. Sabi nga ng Isang Nag Comment Puro Bill lang walang Laws ibig sabihin walang naipasa..Mukhang maganda lang Basahin Pam parami kung baga ang dami inilagay! pero ang Totoo Kulang! Para maging Presidente ng Bansa natin.\nPara sakin pinaka worst na maging Presidente Eh yung WALANG KAKAYANAN dahil IPAPAHAMAK NYA LANG ANG ATING BAYAN.ang Magaling na Pinuno Hindi lang natatapos sa Kabutihan ng Puso at sa Ganda ng Sinasabi dapat May KAKAYAHAN DIN. my NAPATUNAYAN NA.

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