Seen at the Museum!

On my last day in Washinngton, I visited the Hirshorn and an Oriental art museum. Natuwa ako sa mga works. I saw everything —from the conservative, classical art to the modern, postmodern ones. Aliw!. Whether you think they’re art or not, you must admit may dating talaga! It was a day well-spent. Enjoy these!

This is called The Pink Tree! Love the title! Actually, I almost didn’t notice the nudes. Ha ha ha

Japanese ancient sculpture! Not just another pretty face…

Hmmm…which one is the art work and which is the audience?

This one is so exquisite! Japan ancient art.

I just love this one! Art as environment, or is it vice-versa?

There must be a museum somewhere where all the missing heads, arms, legs etc.. of all these great art pieces are hidden.

Well…uh…Far out!!!

Pinoys, the Phenomenal World and Art

APO’s Toronto show last April 17 was a lot of fun. We had a sell out crowd of 2,900 who gave us a standing ovation. It was so thrilling to sing for our kababayans who not surprisngly seem to hold on truer to being loyal to OPM than Filipinos back home (who prefer to watch and listen to their local artists become clones of US performers). Torontonians (that’s what they’re called!) wanted to have the Phlippine experience and that’s exactly what we gave them through our songs, spiels and gimmicks. We really enjoyed ourselves. Needless to say, Toronto was a great way to start our tour and will be memorable to us for a long time!

Today, a friend took me around Washington where I visited the Arboretum (home to so many of the world’s plants), the Museum of Natural History and the Museum of Modern Art. What an experience it was, to say the least.

The arboretum was interesting with dessert, tropical plants of all kinds. I even heard a group of tourists gushing at the sight of a banana tree. Gusto ko tumawa ng malakas! The natural history museum is really impressive for the breadth of its subject matter (animals, people, culture, tools, stones and jewelry from all over the world). The way everything was presented was smashingly dramatic.

The modern art place is something else too—truly breathtaking for its collection of Van Gogh, Manet, Monet, Cezzane, Degas, Toulose-lautrec, etc.. Nakakalula.

The Van Gogh’s were not that great though. I saw a much more impressive collection in Holland. But the again, that’s his home.

It is so enviable how a government can put on display its country’s wealth of knowledge which include the arts, artifacts, painting, sculptures etc.. on exhibit and all for free!! Nakakainggit sila!

We leave for NYC this Friday for some promo work to create excitement for our June 12 bash there. After NYC, we do Cincinnati which is concert no.2 on this tour! Go visit our website for more details:

Till the next stop where and when I can access the internet!


Miracle, Death, Marches, Heavenly Delights, Laughter and Music!

The whole week has been a rollercoaster ride. It started with the death of someone. Remember my friend Toti Fuentes who I wrote about around October? (See the Nov. 12, 2003 entry in the archive by the side of this page). He was the musician friend who gave his last performance (or so we thought) before leaving for the US for cancer treatment. It seemed like he was a hopeless case then, but God had other plans. As it turns out, he qualified to be in a study group for a new medicine that works on the type of massive cancers that he had. Miraculously, he pulled through. He is alive and well and even back to performing. But this story of triumph took a sad turn. He had to unexpectedly rush home to Manila because his 19 year old daughter Xara killed herself by car exhaust poisoning. Apparently she was a depressed kid. I visited Toti and offered my friendship and some comforting words to ease his pain. Kawawa naman. Knowing him though, he will pull through as he did with cancer.

Two days later, I watched with moist eyes as my two daughters Erica and Ala marched victoriously at their graduation last March 27. As a father experiencing it, let me tell you that it IS a big deal for parents to see their kids graduate. There is the sense of pride that sons and daughters give back to their parents when they cross certain thresholds. We had a swell party the next night!

Over the weekend, I joined my son Mio, Ala and her friends as we watched the Fireworks Olympics at the Diosdado Macapagal Park. Canada and Mexico competed pyrotechnically and let me tell you, it was simply breathtaking! I plan on watching this friday, saturday and sunday for the rest of the olympics. The Philippines will be the last country to participate. I await with much anticipation and (admittedly) a little worry! Can our Bulacan boys compete with the world’s best? Abangan!

Last night, I FINALLY watched ELECTILE DYSFUNCTION where fellow APO Boboy comes out as someone like Danding Cojuanco. It is wild, no-holds barred political comedy theater which is a must-see. When it comes to shows, I must admit I am hard to please but I enjoyed this immensely. It is daring and REALLY walks the edge. Go see the next run! It may be the only time you can get back at the people who are ruining this country!

Lastly, things are building up to our planned long US-Canada tour. Rehearsals are on-going. We are re-learning old songs and learning new medleys to make sure we do all the hits for our audiences out there. It will be fun, exhilirating and exhausting at the same time as we crisscross the US in the next two months. But I am betting that my adventurous spirit will fill my cup to the brim!

To our friends, fans in Canada and the US, SEE YOU SOON!