Sometimes I am the statue…..

Really having fun in Europe. It’ super cold and it threatens to snow everyday. I wish it would.

We’ve been doing killer shows with APO, and with the ones we do with Nennette and Geneva. Zurich, Geneva, Amsterdam, and Rome were super! Europe’s kinda laidback when it comes to internet acess though. This is the first time I have internet access for free. Wi Fi is practicaly non existent here and the keyboards are arranged differently. Ayayay!

The only drawback to the whole trip so far was the flawless stealing of my wallet at a the train in Rome. Bwisit! Though I must say after a few minutes of cursing that I can only give credit to this guy who did such a smooth Italian Job on me. I lost all my credit cards, license (driving and diving), ATM, etc..And I thought I was well-traveled and street smart. You win some and you lose some. Who was it who said that sometimes one is the statue, and sometimes one is the dove!

This will be all until my next internet access. Ciao! Aufwiedersen! Arriverdecci! Er..what country am I in today? This weekend, we do Vienna. Then we go London, then Copenhagen , then back tp London for our final show. Home on the 8th!!! Can’t wait. To those who’ve been writing, salamat! Will write when I get back.

And shame on whoever you are for defacing my blog. I bet you steal tips from restaurants. Or maybe you were the guy who stole my wallet.