the eternal city and a ‘spiritual interview’

This is the second time I write about Baguio on this blog.

Just came back from Baguio with Lydia. We stayed in a house we bought years ago but do not get to use as often as we want or should. It was cold and pleasant with nary a Manila resident occupying parking space with his large SUV or upping the price of strawberries in the market. The meningococcemia scare took care of that. As a saleslady put it, it seems like summer did not happen this year since the Manila crowd which comprises the bulk of the city’s summer revenues stayed away.

Meningococcemia or not, Baguio was/is and will always be the eternal city for me. Many days and nights of my youth were spent there with barkada, girlfriends, family doing all the fun, crazy things that young kids do, like gate-crashing parties, meeting with girlfriends secretly or otherwise, smoking strange plants and flowers, getting crazy on strawberry wine (there was such a thing before) or just hanging around with the barkada talking and laughing your head off till early morning, or just being the bluesy, angsty teen that everyone gets to be at one time in their lives. As an adult now, I just enjoy the quiet, the fog, the dignity of majestic pine trees, and the remaining quaintness of the city.

Baguio, even if old time residents complain of the monstrous mall, the pollution, and the overpopulation was/ is still a pleasant place—still cool in the daytime and c-o-l-d at night, and still pretty in my eyes. There are still more books to read and write, songs to make, long walks and paths to trod, ghosts to meet, memories to remember in time, hearts to pine for, solitude to ponder, conversations to have by the fireplace, visitors to entertain, treasures to discover through the ukay-ukay and the market, new restaurants to try and more of the Benguet quaintness to savor before this old city loses its charms on me.

Must go back soon


‘spiritual interview’

On a roll these days. I had a ‘spiritual interview’ and I’d like to share it with you. Visit this site if you wish to read it. Please leave your comments there.

Thanks coolmel.