surprises, music, books and survival

A place as orderly as Sydney and a people like the Aussies whom I perceive rightly or wrongly to be quite straight-laced compared to us Pinoys have just managed to pull off a rather odd surprise as far as I’m concerned.

I was with my son lined up in a government office a few days ago. When it was our turn to be served, we approached a counter and a man in spiked mohawk hairdo, facial piercings, and an arm completely covered with bright colored tattoos was there to help us with the papers that needed to be filled up. I tried hard NOT to stare at his very interesting tattoos and his carefully coiffured hair while I asked him all the questions I needed answered.

Cool. What can I say. It’s just not something I would expect from a government official! It’s nice to be reminded that everything straight, prim and proper and appearing to be two dimensional has a wild, dark, interesting and redeeming side. Ha ha.


Been listening to the sequel of the mega hit album KaminAPOmuna ULIT since last night. No, it’s not out yet. I am enjoying the privilege of being able to listen to it before its official release since it’s a tribute to APO after all. I know I should not preempt my record company by talking about this but let me just say one thing about it: MAKE SURE YOU GO OUT AND BUY IT. It is very interesting!!

Oops. I better stop before I spill the beans. STOP JIM!!!!!!

To all those who have invited me to join their Multiply circle, and have wondered why I have not accepted their requests, I have to explain something. If it seems to you that I have been snubbing you, please forgive me. I have not. I have close to 500 invites and I am really sorry I cannot say yes to everyone. As of now, it’s just taking quite long to read everyone’s updates in my approved circle. I will probably not approve most of the 500 for the simple reason of practicality.

Sorry po!!

I don’t get it. I announced that I have copies of my new book with me through this blog and I got lots of calls and emails. What I don’t understand is the book has been available online for the last three months now. I guess people still do hesitate to order online. To those brave souls who did, I thank you. And if you wish to write a review or anything about the book, please post it at I will be happy to read a review or a reco.

To the others who are interested, I am down to my last two copies of the new book (As Is Where Is) but have a few more of the first three (Humming In My Universe, Between Blinks, Writing On Water). Just write me so I can arrange to send it, or if you are in Sydney and wish to pick it up at my house, feel free to email at for details. The new book is 20$ AUD while the three other books are 15$ AUD each.

Mio and I watched Transformers a few days ago. What a blast! Don’t miss it. You’ll be a kid again for the duration of the movie.

I was happy that Spielberg has once again come up with a great one. I hated the War of the Worlds. I thought that Spielberg had become a spent force after I saw it. But with Transformers, he has redeemed himself.

I have learned the past two weeks to fend for myself in the kitchen since it’s only been Mio and I who have been inhabiting our Sydney home. The girls are all on vacation although they should be joining us again shortly. I have surprised myself by actually cooking. Yes, that’s right. And not just fried egg or heating things from canned goods but stuff like baked chicken, steak, fried lumpia, and a few more. OK, I’ll admit my repertoire of food I can prepare from scratch is not that varied yet.

That’s why I am appealing to you, dear readers. If you feel moved enough to send me easy recipes to cook for the survival of this FOB father and son tandem undergoing this awful winter in OZ, it will be greatly appreciated.

A few guidelines:

1) send a recipe that is easy to execute
2) that can be made just for two or at most, 6 people
3) that is delicious.
4) dessert suggestions welcome as well

Thank you and I look forward to reading the wondrous suggestions that you may send our way.