Thank you’s, open archives, and a last call

Am truly amazed at how many people were praying for my recovery. I received a lot of comments on this blog, plus my mailbox was full of encouraging words from readers. I got so much texts too. I can only say thank you truly for everyone’s concern. I am getting better and almost there. I still have to gain a little weight. Last weekend, I did a concert with APO at CICC in Cebu and though I was feeling weak and unsure of my self before we came out, the reception of the audience just lighted me up. I was able to do the show completely with encore pa. Really loved the experience. APO and Cebu are always a good combination.

I went for acupuncture three days ago and the sessions really boosted my energy and balanced my body. I actually feel good. I leave for Masbate early tomorrow for a show. Except for sleep deprivation due to such an early flight, I know I will be fine.

For those who have been writing and commenting about my archives not being accessible,guess what? They are now. Thanks to my techie friend from Canberra Ralph Flores, all you need to do is click on the button on the right side of the page marked ‘archives’ and you can read three or so years of blogging.

–Just arrived this morning from Masbate where we performed last night. We had a gym full of people and the hardest rain outside you can imagine. It sounded like non-stop applause as the rain hit the metal roof. It was also steaming hot inside the venue I actually thought I would pass out. Grabe. In the middle of the show, I arbitrarily took out one hard song because I was feeling quite dizzy already. But despite all that, we did the show with flying colors. I had no idea the people in Masbate were so much fun and so demonstrative in showing appreciation.

We love you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

If you feel stalled, blocked or stuck in your life, this is for you. Life is short. If you’ve been meaning to so something about it like attending this, now is the time. This is the last call for the TCU workshop run which starts this monday already.

The sessions will be from October 1-5, and conclude on Oct. 8. The workshop is from 7 to 9 p.m. at 31 M. Jocson St. Loyola Heights, Quezon City. Cost of the workshop is P5,000.

For reservations, call 426-5375 or 0916-8554303 and ask for Ollie, or write to for inquiries and a syllabus. For those who inquired before and who have been waiting for the right moment: Don’t miss it this time!

* * *