A writing contest, body buffing and fresh graduates

Aug 9, ’08 4:06 AM
for everyone


Calling all bloggers, specially those who are based abroad. There is an essay writing contest at kamusta.com where we are asking anyone who likes to write to share their experiences. This contest will run for four weeks starting this August 11 where the first theme we are asking you to write about is, My First Foreign Romance. Keep it at 1,000 characters and make it interesting. Incidentally,  I will be the judge who wil choose who gets 3 hours free  prepaid cards which we will send to your loved ones over here in the Philippines.

C’mon. Everybody wants to read a good love story. Sali na! Visit kamusta.com for more details!

*      *      *
I’ve gone back to the gym after a three year hiatus. I was suffering from a frozen shoulder when I stopped.  I still have a little pain now on my left arm  which is probably due to some other reason but I am ignoring that. The call of the sweaty gym and the heavy weights and the pumped up feeling I have missed for quite awhile have been too hard to resist. I am back now with a vengeance.

This discipline in turn is rewarding me by making me sleep well and feel good generally. I  was never athletic when I was in school. When I got to my thirties though, I started going to the gym, biking, etc.. I was so fanatical about biking I even had the whole set of funny gear–spandex biking shorts, shiny shirts with all the emblems, gloves, biking shoes that snapped you on the pedals, helmet, sunnies, etc. I even joined a Manila to Tagaytay marathon and was happy to finish on time. Personally, I think of that particular trek as some sort of watershed for me. It took a lot from me but I delivered and felt proud about it. I even had my certificate framed! I could take up biking again one of these days.

Light running is also cool. I love to hear the thud of my feet on the surface.To break the boredom, I count my breaths. I know that the first kilometer can be done in two hundred inhales-exhales thereabouts. I once did fifteen K non-stop. I know I counted my exhales but I can’t seem to remember now. 7K is about 2000 plus breaths if I remember it correctly. It’s not as simple as just multiplying 2000 by 2 to get to 14K since the rate of breathing gets  faster as you go though the kilometers.

I also love the feel of what they call ‘second wind’  where the body, instead of stopping due to tiredness can suddenly wake up and feel like it’s starting again after running a long stretch. You feel tired but all of a sudden, your body feels revived because it discovers and releases a fresh supply of energy. It’s a great feeling of lightness.  Second wind is not unlike the new energies I discovered when I started mid-lifing. All of a sudden, you have that spark to ignite and light up the rest of the journey as you feel the wind of change on your face.

*        *        *
The 42nd run of TCU ended last night. We had great dinner after. It is always a good feeling after every run. I have a sense, a feeling of a temporary ending, a task finished, a passion indulged in, and a desire fulfilled,  and I always sleep deep and well after.

As of yesterday, people were calling me and asking when the next run would be. The truth is I don’t know. My schedule is becoming hectic once again and my days are accelerating to the speed of a crazy life. There’s the APO concert on the 20th of September, the promo schedule which means interviews, TV shows. There’s also rehearsals. APO is also rushing an album to be released soon after the concert before I fly back to Sydney. I will also have a photo exhibit at the Renaissance Gallery in Megamall by September 23. I still have a few pictures more to take.

If at all, the next TCU run may be November, but most likely next year  by February. To the new grads, congratulations. Go out and make your indelible mark on your own life and on the world! Life is a blank page. Create and write whatever you wish.