I am a finalist in Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards!

‘Dear Mr. Paredes,

My warmest congratulations to you as you’ve been shortlisted as one of the top five finalists for the Best Celebrity Blog Award Category at the First Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards Ceremony!

Basically, the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards is the FIRST REGIONAL BLOG AWARDS. It’ll be a red-carpet event, packed with glitz and glamour in the style of Hollywood awards ceremony.

Thus, it brings me great excitement to invite you in joining us on board as a finalist for the Blog Awards!….’

I had to read this email about three times before I expressed a loud ‘WOW”. It was in the early morning and I even thought I may have awakened my neighbors. I have been writing on this blog for years now and have enjoyed this ongoing conversation with the faceless but real inhabitants of cyberspace.

If you dear readers think I should win the award, please click here. I will be grateful and will continue to write on this blog as a sign of my gratitude. BTW, I am the only Filipino in this category.

Don’t forget to vote on all categories for your vote to be counted. You can also vote every two hours. Since we have to vote on all categories, may I also inform you that other Filipinos made the cut as well and it would be nice to support them: Octwelve (Best Original Blog Design), Wifely Steps (Best Parenting Blog), Kitchen Cow (Best Food Blog), En Route (Best Travel Blog), Bryan Boy (Best Fashion Blog), Jehzlau Concepts (Best influential blog).

Daghang Salamat!