Elections, passion nights and a joke

Let me bring you inside my mind. My thinking on who to vote for this coming elections goes like this.

From a whole country point of view, I am of the opinion that the Aquino Presidency has made rather major strides in a lot of things. The economy, peace in Mindanao, anti corruption, etc..We still have a lot of problems. Many more needs to be done. I want more of the reforms to be set in place before PNoy leaves the Presidency. I know the man has a an agenda and I want him to succeed.

So regarding how I look at the candidates running, I am definitely crossing out the entire UNA ticket since I see most of them as remnants of our dysfunctional past. They were beneficiaries of corruption, inertia, political largess and everything bad I see in our entire history of governance and politics. The rest are old politicos who have nothing new to offer. I don’t feel I should give them an extension in their political life. To be fair, I was considering Hagedorn seriously but when I heard him on radio say that his idol of all time was Joseph Erap Estrada, I decided to junk him.

Surveying the Liberal Party, there are a few I am excited about. Bam Aquino is a guy I have known a long time. I have had discussions with him, really frank ones about the country including topics such as Hacienda Luisita, the Aquinos, reforms, alleviating poverty, RH, etc.. and I can tell you he has a firm moral, political, economic understanding of problems and a democratic, pro-poor bias in wanting to solve them. He also walks his talk. His big disadvantage (and advantage) is that he carries the Aquino name and that is a turn off with people who have absolutely drawn the line against dynasties. But if you follow Miriam’s thinking on what a dynasty is (parents and children, siblings both in office), he does not fall into the category.

Risa Hontiveros has always been a fighter. She has courage and morals to stand for RH, women’s issues and has always been a reformist. She is high on my list.

Ramon Magsaysay Jr. is one senator who never got rich through the years. I have sat with him on some occasions during dinners at the Ramon Magsaysay Awards and he is a wise man who works hard but does not trumpet his ambitions and achievements. He has solid ideas. His economic standing despite years of being a public official has remained unchanged. He is honest.

I am considering Grace Poe even if she has little experience. She effectively ran MTRCB and dealt with issues like the Willie Revillame scandals with firmness. She is a loyal daughter who will not sully her father’s name. She will quickly learn the ropes in the senate, I am sure. Experience is good to have. But how does one get experience unless he h/she is given a chance? I think she is intelligent enough to learn fast and do a good job.

Bro. Eddie Villanueva is a person I am also considering. He is a good man and though religious, was broadminded enough to have been pro-RH.

Going back to a macro point of view, the worst outcome this election can have is to bring in guys who will want to restore the bad old days. The next worst thing is to have a gridlock senate that will not pass reformist bills or if they do, they will water them down to make them ineffective. The best thing that I want to see is to get the reform train moving as quickly as it can so that whoever becomes President after PNoy will find reform unstoppable and will not be able to turn things back to how it was.

I still have issues with the rest of the Liberal party but I am approaching it with the thought of whether the candidates will do more good than harm. Political dynasties, where brothers and sisters, or parents and children will be sitting in the senate is a real turn-off, and Angara, Cayetano fall in that category. Though they may be honorable men, I still have not made up my mind whether I should include them. There are also others in the party whom I will not vote for no matter what.

I will probably have at most 9 people in my list. Realistically, it may be 7. That should be enough majority already to give PNoy the laws he wants in place.

My party list vote will go to Ladlad. All over the world, the LGBT community’s time has come. It’s time they are represented.

# # #

Once again, I will be hosting a dinner for 9 strangers. This is the 5th time I will be doing this. If you are adventurous enough to have an evening with people you have never met in a house you have never been, do write me an email at emailjimp@gmail.com. Title it, ‘Passion Night”. Tell me what you are all about and what your passion is.

Most likeley, dinner will be here in Metro manila. But do let me l know if you are game if we hold the dinner an airplane ride away in case I can get free tickets.

I will read every email and weed out the crazies, the stalkers, etc.. Then I will randomly choose nine. If you respond within the prescribed time, you are in. If not, I will choose again.

I have three rules: 1) I do not know you and we have never met. 2) you are not a stalker. 3) you do not have firearms.

Life is an adventure. Take risks!

# # #

(Got this from my classmate Denis Hernandez)

A Catholic, a Protestant, a Muslim and a Jew were in a discussion after a dinner.

Catholic: “I have a large fortune….I am going to buy Citibank!”

Protestant: : “I am very wealthy and will buy General Motors!”

Muslim: “I am a fabulously rich prince…. I intend to purchase Microsoft!”

They then all wait for the Jew to speak….

The Jew stirs his coffee, places the spoon neatly on the table, takes a sip of his coffee, looks at them and casually says,

“I’m not selling!”