I just watched Katips at UP Town Center on its first day. Except for very few empty seats, it was practically a full crowd. And 97 % were millennials.
I won’t tell the story but let me just say it is quite riveting and powerful. As a young man in the 70s, I could poignantly relate to the characters and the situations in the movie.
The First Quarter Storm was when the seeds of dissent, activism, and protest were planted and took root among young people who fought the dictatorship. Many paid with their lives. I remember old schoolmates who were killed or had disappeared. I could relate to the torture scenes since I actually met victims who had undergone such inhumane treatment
There were parts of the movie that brought the entire audience to sobbing and crying. There were comic moments that gave you relief from the seriousness of the topic and the dire scenes that played out. The music was natural and unobtrusive. There was no awkwardness in the way the singing interplayed with the characters, events and situations as they unfolded..
I remembered the faces of classmates, friends, relatives who suffered under the dictatorship. Some of them were killed and buried in unknown graves after undergoing unspeakable torture. The movie documented the pain my generation went through. I actually became quite emotional while watching it.
After the movie, I talked to some millennials and they expressed how little they knew about Martial law and recent history. They cried in many parts of the movie, too. As I was talking to them my eyes kept tearing and my voice was shaking. I told then that I actually knew people who went through the horrible tortures that were depicted there. In short, I wanted them to know that what they just watched was real. I thanked them for being there.
Dear readers, make sure you watch this. Bring a young person with you so that they will know what our generation went through to pay for their freedoms. This is our story as a people. It is time we all remember, and for those who had never heard of these type of stories of Martial Law before, it is time to expose the truth that trolls, and ‘influencers’ on youtube, Tiktok and other social media have been trying to hide and deny.
Martial law was real. The dictatorship was real. And yes, it was EVIL!
Let’s spread the word.