New Friends and Old Theaters!

Here I am in a quiet room at my sister Lory’s place in Oxnard, California. Just three days ago, I was in the center of the whirl of events that APO always finds itself when doing concert tours. There are the thousands of people that we meet and get photographed with. There are the members of the press whom we talk to. Then, the endless dinners, lunches, store visits, etc.. And the concerts, of course!

It may seem like that’s all we do on these trips and you are not too off the mark. But once in a while, more exciting things happen. I was fortunate enough to FINALLY meet Ate Sienna, the Keeper of the Pansitan which hosts many blogs including this one. It was such a delight to finally meet the person behind the countless emails and favors done on my behalf. Salamat Ate Sienna.

I actually imagined an older person. Instead I met a petite, bubbly, boisterous, and warm human being!

We spend a lot of time also in theaters, especially on the day of the concert. Before the sound check, I usually give the venues a look over. I tour the dressing room, backstage, lobby, etc.. I would like to share little discoveries that I have found in some theaters we perform in. Some of the venues are quite old! The Gateway in Chicago was actually a movie house. The difficult part is the lack of a dressing room backstage! When a performer has to answer the call of nature, he has to go out in to the lobby and meet his audience. Hassle!

The Spreckles theater in San Diego, I hear is close to a hundred years old! It has that air of history and antiquity. Notice the little statues that deck the top of the walls!

Makes one feel like old souls live in theaters like these.

Could a “Phantom of the Opera” reside here?

Lobbies like these are so elegant, di ba? There’s actually so much to see while waiting for our sound and lighting to be set up.

To all those who post replies/ views on my blog, my apologies for not responding. I do not always have access to the internet and so I write when I can. Pasensiya na. Keep writing as I read each one.

And so I go on with the APO tour! Till my next blog!


PS. By the way, if you want a blow by blow account of the APO tour, visit

Bedroom No.8!

I’m on my 8th room since I left Manila last April 12. Living out of a suitcase used to be more fun when I was younger. As the days wear on, I realize that a) I brought more clothes than I should have though I thought I packed light b) I did not bring all the right ones. Thank God I can buy stuff along the way.

APO’s shows have been a lot of fun. Cincinnati and Toronto gave us standing ovations, but in Orlando, we got 4 standing ovations throughout the show! Something to cheer up three old men! ha ha ha! After thirty five years, it’s hard to believe but Danny, Boboy and I still get an absolute kick doing what we do. Showtime is playtime! And playtime means creativity and being child-like (and yes, childish too! ha ha.

Everyday is an endless stream of shaking hands, flashbulbs, pictures, autographs, talk about the Philippines, lunches, dinners, store visits, etc.. Believe it or not, I am NOT complaining. I actually enjoy meeting our kababayans and learning about their stories in America. Also, because of my previous postings about my Significant Other’s battle with breast cancer, I’ve been meeting a lot of women who are going or have gone through the same thing. I feel a kinship with them.

It’s three days before our Chicago show. The next day we leave for Virginia and then do a concert there on Sunday. Then it’s California for two weekends (3 concerts). Then it’s back to Florida for three more. Then NYC, then Texas. The home!

Then I can sleep on my 17th bed!!!

PS. Saw Cirque Du Soleil’s show entitled La Nouba! It is THE BEST show I have ever seen. Beyond words. A must-see! More on this next time.

Museum stuff, A Grade School Teacher and a Virgin!

Still from Washington DC (although it’s been a week since I left), I am putting more pics taken from my museum adventures due to the enthusiastic response from letter writers!

Multi-dimension man with a twist! (Literally!)

Slice of life depicted as comics.

Love this. Really has pizazz!!

Ala Andy Warhol na may mas may commentary.

Op art comeback!

Mala Anne Frank tribute ang dating!

Right now, I am in Boca Raton at my brother Jake’s place. I am taking two days off from the group. We perform in Orlando this Saturday, May 8! Our last stop Cincinnati was not only fun, it was super! We met so many wonderful people including a grade school teacher of ours, Ms. Carmen Mesina!

The crowd was practically virgin, meaning it was their first time to watch APO. After all, it is not exactly a big community for Filipinos. But what they lack in number, they compensate with spirit and hospitality! We were pampered with food, company, medicines even since I was nursing a bad cold. Thank you Doctor Butch! We had a great time and enjoyed the standing ovation they tributed us with. Thank you Cincinnati! Till we return!