Invitation to my 9th songwriting workshop

jim lotus

I am inviting you to join me on my 9th Songwriting Online Workshop.
1) Must be able to play with some proficiency on either the piano or guitar.
2) Must be committed to write one song a week.
Schedule is every Saturday-Sunday starting July 17-18, 24-25, July31-August1, 7-8..
TIME: 10AM to 12:Noon Manila time, 12 Noon PM Australia, 7PM in California. It will run for 4 weeks or 8 sessions.
The class is is very hands on and participative. And enjoyable! I promise you many ‘aha’ moments and lots of surprise and delight.
Tuition: 7,000 Pesos. 140 USD 200AUD.
Please send a message if interested.