Teflon Day!

Know your mind as the sky;

Allow everything to pass on through,

The clouds, the lightning, the winds,

All of it, even the blue itself.

Don’t even get caught on the blue.

See and hear whatever arises,

But don’t grasp at anything.

Don’t even get caught on the sky.

– Journeys on Mind Mountain

One of my favorite sites I visit daily is among my links called dailyzen.com. When I read yesterday’s entry, I felt like a strong wind toppled me from my judgment throne and set me free. In this age of hate politics, entrenched opinions, burning issues and distrust that seem to plague us, the quote above reminds me to regain my equilibrium.

A favorite Zen question which asks, “What was your Original Face before you were born?” comes to mind. It was an unblemished face, for sure, needing nothing and content in its completeness. Very much like the sky that is described above. The issues that plague us are transitory clouds which the sky never really worries about.

Just for today, I will not turn on the radio and TV, and will limit socio-political discussions. Most of all, I will not get into arguments and will abandon any need to win, or prove a point. Today is Teflon day. Nothing will stick! No temptations, attachments. Just watching the comings and goings of the world.

I will shut the noise and just BE.

No have to’s and no should be’s.


Blessedly basking in the Wholeness.

Everyday is a good day!

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