The way it was, seriousness and Bruce Jenner

When I started this blog many years ago, I treated it like a journal. I wrote anything and everything on it. Any topic was fair game. And I could be light or serious depending on how I felt as I wrote at the moment.

Later on, this blog sort of became serious. Lately, I’ve just been posting my rather serious essays which I write for Philippine Star every Sunday.

I want to put back the anything goes feel that it had before. So expect the unexpected from hereon.

* * *

The opposite of the sublime is the ridiculous. The opposite of the sacred is the mundane. With seriousness, it’s levity, lightness, humor. I like living and having a house on both sides of any world I inhabit. And even while I have experienced living in wonder and reverence for everything quite often, I’ve also harbored a not-so-secret place for the sacrilegious, too. It would be so boring to live a life in one dimension, or with a single theme.

That’s why I get a laugh when I post jokes on twitter or facebook and some take the statements seriously.

Me: I will be opening an eat-all-you-can-pay resto soon
Follower: Tell us where. We will support you.

Me: Leftists and Rightists have the same problem. Both are NOT ambidextrous.
Follower: Which one are you?
Me: Ambidextrous.. All though at times I’m an amputee
Follower: Thank you sir!


* * *

I know what it’s like to change my mind, my opinions, my preferences, my taste in food, fashion, music, books, religious and spiritual beliefs etc.. I do it quite often.
But there are certain things I can’t imagine changing at this stage in my life. I don’t think I can take up drugs at this point in my life, or suddenly want to go to discos, or start to drink and gamble.

That’s why I am so perplexed at Bruce Jenner who wants to change his sexual identity. At past 60, now he wants to be a woman! What happened, I ask myself. Did the sexual hormones and pheromones overload in the Kardashan house have anything to do with it? Was he suppressing this all his life or is this something that kicked in recently? I am not judging him. At past 60, I would certainly want to do what I’ve always wanted to do. If that is the case with this once ‘Greatest athlete in the world’, then I would say to him to go all out for it.

But please, whatever you do with your body, do not get a Kardashan butt!

#BruceJenner #Kardashan

* * *

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