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…was formed out of a fervent hope and belief that Filipino artists can do a lot to change the despairing socio-political conditions of our country. Pinoy artists have always displayed courage and made significant contributions to advancing the noble ideals of freedom, justice, and pursuit of truth. Time and again, the Pinoy artists have staked their lives and used their talents to recover our national pride in the seemingly endless periods of darkness and adversity.

Artist Revolution continues this tradition of Pinoy artists creating and performing for positive change. Next year, 2010, the Philippines will be at another major crossroads. The opportunity for genuine reform and genuine leadership shall present itself through the national elections in May. Artist Revolution aims to drum up the spirit of hope amidst a time of apathy and cynicism. We aim to encourage and inspire fellow artists and fellow citizens to take it upon ourselves to face the problems besetting our nation squarely and believe that change will happen if we act now.


We reach out to each and every artist, each and every individual, corporation, and organization who believes that change is not only Possible but Long Overdue to support our initial salvo:


A concert at the Music Museum, May 11, 2009, Monday, 8 pm, exactly one year before the May 2010 elections. The first of a series of explosions that will rock this nation till May 2010 and Beyond. Every support you make will be funneled to a year’s lineup of activities: concerts, festivals, performance tours, art exhibits, film showings, symposia and conferences for truth, justice, freedom and Change.

Artists Revolution is a non-partisan movement. We refrain from endorsing candidates, political parties, or partisan political agenda while advancing the spirit of expressing outrage against evil and corruption as well as inspiring the spirit of vigilance for truth and justice, reform and good governance.

Your support will go directly to specific cultural activities set up by Artists Revolution. We enjoin you to step out of the gloomy, depressing state of apathy and indifference and stake your claim for a better Pilipinas.

Together we can do this. Maniwala ka.

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Rolly Ocampo
11 years ago

“Time and again, the Pinoy artists have staked their lives and used their talents to recover our national pride in the seemingly endless periods of darkness and adversity.”

“Together we can do this. Maniwala ka.”

Naniniwala po ako.

Puwede po kayang umpisahan natin sa usapin ng Bonifacio Monument o Monumento sa Caloocan City ang pagtindig para sa pambansang dangal. The Monumento turned 75 years old last year and is the priceless masterpiece of the incomparable national artist, Guillermo Tolentino.

Narito po sa link na ito ng aking blog post tungkol sa Monumento ang umiiral na pagyurak sa ating dangal bilang isang bansa: May 10, 2009 is the 112th Death Anniversary of Gat Andres Bonifacio, National Hero of the Philippines — Does the National Historical Institute Care?.

It is ironic that the Monumento, the greatest monument to valor and to love of freedom on earth is gradually being imprisoned by light rail infrastructure that is going up around it.

This happens even as the NHI headed by Chairman Ambeth Ocampo is doing nothing while billboards proliferate in the area, something which the NHI’s own guidelines strictly forbid. The NHI’s attitude with respect to the ongoing desecration of the Monumento is in stark contrast to its lambasting of Martin Nievera for what the NHI claims is his bastardized rendition of our national anthem during the Manny Pacquiao – Ricky Hatton bout in Las Vegas.

Ironically, the desecration that Chairman Ambeth Ocampo and the NHI is allowing now at the Monumento is akin to a million singers belting their own bastardized renditions of Lupang Hinirang not just for a minute or two but 24/7 365 days a year. Round-the-clock desecration of our national honor, I’d say.

I believe it will be difficult for us to stand up for anything as a nation as long as we allow sacred symbols of our nationhood such as the Monumento to wallow in the mud of disrespect and dishonor.

Naniniwala po ako. Together, let’s do this!

I’ll highly appreciate if this humble comment will merit your reply. I’ll also appreciate receiving a personal email from Mr. Jim Paredes or from any of the members of Artists Revolution at

Thank you and God bless!